Friday, November 25, 2016

Okay literally I have felt like this week has been a crazy adventure. I really love the mission and all the surprises that we find every day. 

Okay so I have been in trio for the past week because the mom of a Hermana here died :( She returned home this week because she is the only child and had to do all the paper work jazz, but should come back to the mission Thursday.  We have been with Hermana Oliviera this week and I love her so much. She is also from Brasil and has only been in the mission for 3 weeks so we are also training her so we have to do 4 hours of study and work in 2 areas! LOCO!!! 

Story 1:   One night we spent the tarde in the area of Hermana Oliviera and they have an investigator who is a addicted to alcohol. long story short I left the lesson with a liter of beer and a box of wine in my hands and shortly after poured it all in the street. 

Story 2:   We wanted to make pan de banana so we went to buy bananas.  My companion was asking how much the bananas were, the man said “where are you guys from?” (like always) and Hermana Oliviera said BRASIL. then he started talking in Portugues.  Turns out he is from the same little city de Hermana Goncalves. 

Story 3:   We ran a lot this week trying to catch buses. 

Story 4:   A grasshopper the size of a small bird entered our house and it took us about 20 min to have the courage to kill it.  I don’t like animals that jump.

Story 5:   Presidente came this weekend for zone conference and stake conference. It was so good! We talked about using our time wisely and it was all the things I needed to hear.  We also started talking about the iniciativa for Christmas, which is like my greatest fear because Christmas means I’m nearing then end. 

Story 6:   FAMILIA ROJAS CAME TO STAKE CONFERENCE. Well… the parents did, But hey it’s a start! They are awesome. Friday we had the best lesson ever because a member is friends with the dad and showed them photos of when his family got sealed in the temple and shared his capo tesimonio and it was great. Sandra (la mama) is really interested wants her family so change....but after the conference she whispered in my ear to pray for her husband because he drinks a there might have some work with that one and I’m trying not to get too excited but I love them. 

Whelp I feel like there are more things...but I can’t remember always. Thanks for all your love! Miss you all! have a great week! 

Hermana Allen 


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