Monday, October 26, 2015

Buenos tardes! 

This week has been so great! I can really feel the love and prayers from everyone! literally some days I felt like so happy and loved and I could just feel everyone rooting me THANK YOU. 
Mom and dad your letters this week....WOW. Definitely took notes and I am so grateful to have such amazing parents, family, and friends. like literally I am so blessed. Sometimes I really feel like I don’t deserve the blessings that I receive, but my family is a blessing a hold dear to my heart! 

Also, I’m officially a BYU Cougar!? YIPEE. Hahah Thank you for everyone who has ever loved me. Like seriously my heart is smiling. 

This week we have seen milagros! Two new investigators and a family with 9 children YIKES. HAHA I seriously love being a missionary.  Also ROSA´S HUSBAND CAME TO CHURCH! Cesar is the best and basically loves the church just as much as Rosa, but loves REALLY LOVES WINE. Its kind of sad because you can see that it has put stress on there marriage (with money) but Cesar came to church and said he really liked it and I have faith one day he will want to change! Also did I mention their son, Alexis, has down syndrome and is like my best friend in the world. He jumps up and down every time we come! 

Also on Tuesday we went to Monteros to help the Elders find new investigators and it was SO FUN. Like contacting in an area that isn’t your own...idk...It is fun! hahah nerdy missionary life. 

So basically I feel like the ward members are my family and the new converts and investigators are my best friends. It’s just the greatest. Also weird that Hermana Piava is going home after this week.....I cant even picture what it must feel like to go home...super weird.

Oh so funny story.....we were teaching this girl Rosana the first lesson and I had never met her before. On this particular day my Spanish was kind of failing hahah I felt like I was stumbling over my words and couldn’t remember anything. Weird. Anyway, when I was teaching the first lesson it was just bad...and I can tell in her eyes she was trying to understand...but couldn’t. Then after the lesson she was talking with Hermana Piava about Brazil and then turns to me and says...”oh are you from brazil too?” I replied, “Oh no I’m from California”....
Once I said I was from California she had this huge smile on her face and starting giggling and giggling and was saying  “oh my gosh! A person from the US is in my house. Heheheheheheh”  I felt like a movie star...also really awkward haha. 

Another time I was on the bus talking to this one guy and he asked where I was from then we continued our conversation....blah blah blah. When it was his time to get off the bus he yells for everyone to hear ¨ADIOS CALIFORNIA¨¨ Yep. everyone was staring at me for a good long time. Also, people always always always say to me ¨HASTA LA VISTA BABY¨HAHAHA I love it. 


Sorry this letter is kind of lame this week.....LOVE YOU ALL! 

Be Brave Little Champions- 
Hasta la vista baby 

Hermana Allen 

Hermana Allen receives her acceptance letter to Brigham Young University this week!  Congratulations!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Earthquake... What earthquake?

Hola Familia! 
So yeah I did not feel the earthquake and nothing is affected over here! Hopefully Salta is okay! #hermanaSmith

Ah this week has definitely been a week of GROWTH. I have had more confidence to open my mouth, which has been great! However, the more I talk the more mistakes come out...which is really the only way I will ever learn...but also means a lot of pain too. I have really felt the enabling power of the Atonement as I depend on Him more and more and MORE hahah. This week we had intercambios and I was in Tucuman with Hermana Tate. Oh my goodness no me gusta la cuidad. Simoca es mas tranquillo and I like it that way. I learned so much from Hermana Tate, it was great. I was expressing to her my frustrations of a new missionary and sometimes it’s hard to know if my feelings are normal. She shared with me Ether 12:27....which is my favorite scripture, I have it memorized, but when she shared it with me something new came to mind that I never have thought before. Got to love the spirit. The very first sentence.... “those that come unto me I will show them their weakness”.... The mission is the time that I have come onto Christ MORE than ever in my entire life. Of course this is the perfect time to work on my weaknesses because I have all the resources, time, thoughts, and energy, to overcome them. I always thought this scripture meant, oh if you bring me your weaknesses I will help you. This is true, but also we have to accept the God will show us our weaknesses even when we are doing all the right things because he can trust us and knows that we are ready to progress. I think this is a lesson that everyone has been trying to tell me, but I haven’t realized it until now. Literally I feel like Heavenly father has to teach me the same things over and over again because it is so EASY for me to get discouraged and let the little things hurt. Okay sorry for the ramble haha. 

Also yesterday was Mother's day here in Argentina, or what I like to call Argentina Thanksgiving. I have never eaten so much in my entire life. Literally had like 3 almuerzos. Also so far, the best food in the mission. The house we went to for dinner had 20 people over and there was just piles, I mean PILES of carne. I was just smiling.... man got to love Salta. Steak, sausage, tamales, pasta, pork, chicken. Speaking of carne, attached is a photo of some pigs on the side of the road at the feria. Sorry Hannah.... maybe don’t look. haha

Today I am FINALLY going to play soccer! Kind of sad it has taken me this long to do it. Also when I was in Tucuman I saw two dead dogs in the road :( I was actually surprised it has taken me this long to see a dead dog. Literally in the morning it’s kind of hard to tell if the dogs are dead or sleeping. OH! So Thursday is planning day and after lunch we had studies so for lunch I though to myself ...All I need is my scriptures I don’t need my bag...big mistake! The ONE TIME I don’t bring my bag a HUGE dog come jumping at us and I was in the middle of the street and there was no rocks or anything! Scary life I live hahah. 

Also I've accepted the word Gringa and I’m just going to be that person that every time I open my mouth it is followed by what country are you from? Still working on the accent. LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH. 
Be brave little champions

Con Amor, 
Hermana Allen 

Monday, October 12, 2015

mucho amor por mi familia
Hola Familia! 
This week has been EXHAUSTING, but so good. We had two baptisms on Friday for Gladys and Maria Rosa. YAY!  I loved seeing their countenance change. I have so much love for them. 
When I first met Maria Rosa, I kind of felt like she was angry, but now she radiates joy. The gospel changes lives. I later learned that her son was killed by her other son accidentally. SO SAD.
She loves the idea that she can go to the temple and do work for her son. She keeps asking my about family history and I think it is so awesome! 

So sad news. Hermana Piava wont be able to extend her mission anymore because her family didn’t give her permission. We spent a whole day trying to get in contact with her family in Brazil (with presidents permission of course). We spent all day trying to call, find someone on facebook to talk to, and finally we got a hold of her aunt who informed us that her mom isn’t happy with her decision (her family are not members). So looks like ill be getting a new companion in a few weeks...which scares me because now I have to learn the area and basically know how do to everything haha. 
I am so grateful for my family. Watching Hermana Piava have so much pain this week made me realize how BLESSED I AM. I love my family so much and I am so grateful I have so many loving and supportive people in my life. I keep a picture of our family in my scriptures and EVERYONE says how beautiful and young my parents are hahaha. Also every little kid asks if I know someone famous.... maybe all they know of California is Hollywood? Haha idk I think it's funny. 

This week we also had zone conference! We talked a lot about diligence and asking inspired questions with our investigators. Also we found out that in November Quinten L Cook is coming to speak to us! Wahoo!
Each day I am faced with things I keep needing to improve and work on. I love how all the Christ like attributes work together. When you strive to develop one, others follow. 

Pray for Rosa please. Yesterday we stopped by her house before church and she was sleeping. She came to the door and told us that she would hurry and shower and then meet us there...but she didn’t come...which is unusual for her. We stopped by later that day and she started to cry. She is frustrated because she has watched so many people get baptized before her and I think she is just feeling down. She also told us that she is worried about having enough money for food. Hopefully things will turn around for her! Pray that her divorce will go through soon so that she can get baptized. 

Be Brave little champions! 
Con amor, 
Hermana Allen 


Baptism of Gladys and Maria Rosa
"The one day it was SO cold I thought it was going to snow!"
Hermana Allen's field she loves!  
She rides her bike past every day
"Gladys with her grandson.  
He kept on trying to throw the cat on Hermana Piava."

Laundry- Hermana Allen's favorite. Ha!

Monday, October 5, 2015


Okay wow. what a week! Not going to lie..this week was a little bit emotionally draining. At the beggining I was getting so frustrated with myself and couldn't figure out what the problem was. Friday I had my interview with President Chaparro and I was praying that he would say something to help me feel better. The first thing he talks about is following the spirit and how it is the most important thing. It was such an answer to my prayers! I realizd that I have not been followung the spirit this week. I have been too focused on the language and having so much fear about how I would come across to the people. President told me that I should try the best I can to just focus on their body positioning, their eyes, and focus as hard as I can to their accent and what they are saying. 

After this interview I promised myself that I wouldn't care about how I sounded. That I would fear God more than man. For the rest of the day I felt the Spirit so strong and just so much joy! I still didn't know what they were saying, but I now have LOVE with me and the confidence to bare testimony. SIMPLE testimony hahah. When I try to speak I try to look at the directlly in their eyes and speak with as much power as I can so they can feel the Spirit. IT ISN'T ABOUT ME. 
Pretty much I have been slapped in the face this weekend by the Spirit, but it s what I needed. in Preach my Gospel it says ¨Your confidence and trust should be in God not in yourself.¨ Reality is I need to have enough faith that God will still touch the hearts of these amazaing people...even through my weaknesses. 

CONFERENCE WAS SO AMAZING! I got to watch it in English!!! AHH! We had to go to Conception to watch it which is an hour and a half away by bus. On Sunday all of our progressing investigadors came! So fun! 
I felt like conference for me was like eating after fast Sunday...haha It wasnt long enough. Definatley still on a spiritual high if you cant tell! 
I think my favorite talk was given by President Eyring, about the spirit. But really I wish I had time to tell you EVERYTHING I LEARNED. 

This week we should have two baptisms! So exciting :) 
Mom, to answer your question we are allowed to have mate cocina...which is mate in little tea bags (other mate takes too much time...that's why we are not allowed to have it). And pretty much every area is walking...only 2 or 3 have bikes. 
THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO WRITES ME. I print out all my letters but don't have time to write everyone back! SO Sorry! Please keep writing! It makes me feel connected to you and your families! 

This week I am going to be Brave! you can too! Keep sharing the gospel, praying, pondering, reading, and LOVING OTHERS. 

be Brave Little Champions

Con Amor, 
Hermana Allen 

The following is an email from Hermana Allen's companion (Hermana Paiva) from Brazil.  It was sent completly in Spanish/Portuguese.  This was the best the google translator could do.  I Loved the additional perspective gleamed from her companions letter.  What beautiful testimonies from two women each from completly different countries yet both have a genuine love of the Lord and for eachother.

A Crazy Week! 
I Have been studying Inglés. And my companion 
Said that Inglés I spoke in my sleep. ☺
This week we have the Baptism of Gladys and Maria Rosa, we are animated by Friday of this week! 
I'm happy with Allen's Sister, she is the best. 
We sell Milagros together and we're working hard, references nuestars members greatly improved !! 
We are encontarndo new and I'm really happy !! 
This week was 17 months at the mission and I still remember the best gift for me entreinadora with intreinamento Allen's Sister. 
Last week a dog jajjaja wanted to kill us ... 
I am learning English but is very difficult to understand me and partner with Eng. 
She's cute and talk much !! 
A week of Intrevista with the president, was very espeiritual and I loved it, I invite you to make goals for the home but the truth is that not even think .. 
Claro was the best conference, feeling both espeirito and am so thankful for the prophet and aposteles, I know they are men chosen by God. 
I love many things! 
Over um month I'm studying on Righteousness and on disclosure and feel so strong the Holy espeirito that is much talked about righteousness and revelation in the Sabadão ago, was a response when the elder said that's not a bad Wishing righteousness, because it is the only way to enter the kingdom of God .. 
We are with goal to memorize a scripture every week and apply during the week and ponimos with investigators.
We had 5 people who attended the conference and with them ponumos the goal of writing a week and they will charm.
The strong espeirito tells me that the church is verdadeira really was the best gift of my life is to know the gospel. 
This week I write this in Alma 7: 23

And now I would that ye should be humble and docile submissive, faciel to persuade full of patience and long-suffering, being temperate in all things, being diligent in keeping the commandments of God at all times asking for things that they need, both spiritual and temporal, always thanking God for the things that recibiis.
Thank you. 
Sr. Paiva !!! 

In Conception Tucuman- All of the progressing investigators before watching General Conference


We took a "Traffy" together to Conception to watch General Conference.  Maria Rosa (baptism this week and David a new convert) in the Backseat.  Rosa-front 

My most favorite photo Hermana Allen has sent to date!  Love this!