Friday, November 25, 2016

Light of the World

Hola okay this week was crazy like all the weeks. haha. Salta was so good as usual and we got to watch the new Christmas video of the church! ITS SO GOOD. “Light the World”. It comes out 25 de noviembre but we got to watch it because we are missionaries hehe. So yeah its really good and the church has come out with 25 ways to light the world every day until Christmas. I love it. 

SO the familia Rojas. Man this family....I love them so much...but the CRAZIEST things happened with them this week.

We laughed the whole day because LITERALLY NO ONE RECIEVED US. ZERO. We went to every investigator, member, less was kind of funny. So after this long day we went to the familia Rojas and when we got there, the mom wasn’t home the dad was talking to someone on skype so we started to talk with one of the daughters outside her house. We just finished singing,  about to say the prayer when another daughter came and asked us to come into the house and she looked so scared. We entered the house and her sister (Yanina) was curled us in a ball crying with her eyes closed and saying the she sees blood and she kept saying “Carla (her sister) Carla look at the blood and then she was saying for her dad to get away from her mom” It was sooo freaky. She was having a night terror or something.....had a fever and everything, but then she woke up and it’s all good now.

then SATURDAY we had another lesson with them. We got there and Sandra was outside drinking her mate with her daughters and loud music coming from the house it was really obvious that the dad was drinking with his friends....boooo... We started to teach them outside and then Carlos (dad) comes outside and saw us and ran back inside hahah but then he came back out a little buzzed and we asked him what he was doing. then he started to cry and told us that he was sinning. and then we sat there for about an hour and a half listening to him talk about his bad childhood and how he feels week and his wife and daughters were all crying. It was soo crazy but the spirit was strong. He prayed for what felt like 15 min asking God to forgive him for all he has done. We shared Ether 12:27 and the conversion of Alma. 

wait for it.....

After the lesson we went to visit an investigador that lives on the same street, Rosa. We found her outside her house crying because her kids we fighting real beating each other up because of the drugs or alcohol who knows what. Then her daughter came to listen to us and started to tell us everything...and then a bunch of people came and entered the house (we were outside) One came in with a hammer in his hand...and she was so calm and said to us that her brother was going to kill her other what!? We didn’t see anything but still....and yeah then she started to say that she is looking for the true church and that she has talked with missionaries before and was SUPER interested....and then she started to tell us her problems and how her daughter was raped...

wait for it....

She then asked us what we were doing here in her neighborhood and we told her that we visited her neighbor the familia Rojas...and then she said, “Oh the familia with pretty daughters and the dad is a little fat....that man raped my daughter”....sooo that happened......

I don’t even know what we are going to do about that situacion....

wait for it....

the familia Rojs CAME TO CHURCH. Ahhh. man oh man. LOCURA. 

We can really see a desire from this family to change and lets face it the need so much help. 

Whelp that’s my drama for this week. There is more to come I’m sure of it. 
I can’t believe this is the last week of transfers! Time is flying by. I love the mission and Im so so so happy. The gospel changes lives and through it we find LIGHT and HAPPINESS.

Love you all, miss you so so much! 

Hermana Allen 

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