Friday, November 25, 2016

Hola familia como esta!!?

This week was de 10! for starters we didn’t have divisiones, meetings, NADA. We got work a full week like missionaries normales WAHOOO. 

So funny story we forgot to pay the electricity bill and my companion is terrified of the dark and refused to sleep in our apartment so we had to go to Santiago for a night and sleep with the other Hermanas haha. 

So this week Lautaro got baptized! His sister is member but his parents no :( They are AWESOME. They always come to church, solamente they both need to get divorced and then get married. They are really humble and said that its 10.000 pesos to get divorced cada una. We are going to go the the registro civil this week to see if there is another way. I love this family so much...we will find a way!

So the elders also had a baptism the same day and when we went to the church in the morning to fill the baptism fount we remembered that the drain doesn’t work and there is water like 1 month old from other baptism and it was a little dirty. So we spent the whole morning with the elders filling buckets of water and pouring down the drains in he bathrooms....haha it was a very interesting experience....but the pila bautismal was REALLY CLEAN and beautiful afterward. See photo

Whelp not much to tell this week. We are working hard and I’m learning new things every day. The mission is so amazing I don’t want it to end and I’m not accepting reality. haha 

HAVE A GREAT WEEK. I love the idea of an Argentine Thanksgiving. Send pics please! Give Rebecca Lonas a big hug for me! 

Hermana Allen 

Emptying the baptismal font before filling it

Baptism of Lautaro

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