Monday, October 17, 2016

Hey guys. 

This week was good. We found the familis Rojas! It was such a great experience. The parents are married (miracle) and they have 7 kids and ALL OF THEM listened to us as we taught the restoration. They all were paying close attention and it was such a great lesson! I’m praying that they will progress. 

Sooo this weekend I spent with my companion in the hospital.....yes I know I’m always in the hospital with people. Saturday we had an activity de zone where we all go to one area and contactar so that the area can receive mas referencias. Anyway it was REALLY hott that day. I think it was somewhere in the 90s I don’t know. My companion passed out literally and the cell phone of Hermana Chaparro was turned off so we took her to the clinic without permission....oops.  They hooked her up to an IV for no reason and we were there in the hospital ALL DAY AND THE DOCTOR NEVER CAME. Then Hermana Chaparro finally called us back and said that this clinic is really bad and they have had bad experiences there and she wasn’t too happy with us.  They basically just wanted money so they kept us in there for 2 days until we just got up and left. It was LOCO. but really everyone is sick here. Summer is coming and I know it’s just a matter of time before I die. haha 

Also today I felt like I was in America for about 30 min. because there is SUBWAY here in Santiago. (just for you Adam, I took a picture) It was so SO YUMMY and they played U2.

I am still trying to adjust to everything. My area is so big and I feel like there is not enough time to learn it. Also being a leader here we do a lot more things that I was never trained to do in Oran. the most boring.....we have to verificar the weekly planning session of every hermana. We literally sit there for 3 hours and watch them do everything and then give them oh my...hahah 

Have a great week love you all! 

Hermana Allen

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