Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Hola familia! 

Im staying in Oran with Hermana Morales! Yippee!!! IM so so happy!!! 

this week was really really busy! We had to do 2 divisiones both 3 hours so that was fun. My knee is better. Not too swollen. We went to the doctor and last Monday was a holiday so they only had one doctor there and he literally poked my knee and foot and then gave me some kinda of drug and injected me with who knows what. He then said if it doesnt feel better to come back in 2 days and they will take an x-ray. We came back because it hurt to stand or walk for mucho tiempo but they found nothing in the x-ray and said to come back and take blood tests....but I thought that was a bit much and Saturday the swelling went completely down and Hermana Chaparro gave me some ejercicios and I can almost walk at my normal pace now! yippee! miracle. 

Also we saw the fruits of out labor this transfer. Yesterday we had 6 investigators in la iglesia!!! it was a MIRACLE. AHHH. So yeah Hermana morales and I are s happy to stay here together in Oran. We are going to see a baptism this transfer I just know it! We have so much hope for Camilia. She is 21 years old and her only issue is that her family is really catholic and she worries alot about what people think of her...please pray for her. 


Sorry I don't have much to say. Im just here working here and praying that it doesn't get too hot! 

Hermana Allen 

"These yellow trees are everywhere!  I love them!"

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

My body is breaking

Hello world.

This week I did so many things! It went by way too fast. Well first we went to Salta for consejo de lideres and it was so great! Literally consejo de lideres is my favorite part of this whole leadership thing. And I got to see Hermana Smith, which is always a highlight for me!

Monday night when we were traveling, the Hermanas that live with us called and Hermana Jarvis was put in the hospital this because she had like an allergic reaction to the mosquito’s and her foot was HUGE and blue. So when we got back we made some visits to the hospital to visit her. 

So on Friday I was walking like a normal person and then I felt like a sharp pain in the back of my right knee. Later I looked down and my knee was really swollen...its been like that since Friday and also since Saturday a little bit of my foot too. I don’t know what happened....but I’m going to the doctor today. We shall see...hahah but really it’s all good.  I can walk and stuff just have to walk a little slower. Lets just say I understand why the mission is only a year and a  half....your body literally starts to die hahaha. 

Gonzalo didn’t come to church...he stayed the night at a friends house, but he is progressing. He prayed and all, just needs a little help recognizing his answer. We had a miracle in the iglesia! A member brought her mother in law and she is GOLDEN....well for now haha. She is a single mom and her son has 8 años! She participated SO MUCH knows a lot about the bible, but not in a bad way, more like she has a strong testimony in Jesucristo. We have a appointment with her Thursday...hopefully I wont get transferred....haha  the principos del evangelio we talked about the millenium and she stared crying....we are thinking her need is the plan of salvacion, because she made a comment like “Because we will never be able to see them again after this life.” this is my favorite comment because then you get to tell people about ETERNAL FAMILIES! I love the gospel. It’s true okay. 

Also if you have time, read the talk de Elder Bednar from general conference about repentance and the sacrament. I love it. 

Love you all so much! Thanks for telling me about your lives. I love to hear from EVERYONE! 

Have a great week! 

Hermana Allen 

Visiting Hermana Jarvis in the Hospital
She had an allergic reaction to a mosquito bite

Sister Training Leaders
consejo de lideres -Salta

Monday, August 8, 2016

Hola familia! 

Well this week was good. We have just been working, the same old good mission stuff. We had conferencia with Presidente and it was about finding new investigadores! It was SO GOOD. I just felt the spirit so so strong and it gave me so much more animos. (Sorry I’ve been depressing the past few letters) 

So because my companion and I have a grand fear that we will leave this area without a baptism we have been looking through the old investigadores with asistencia a la iglesia so that we can have a baptism in these next 2 weeks of transfers. We found a girl MUY BUENA but she didn’t come to church....but I still have hope for her. Also GONZALO CAME TO CHURCH. I have been working with him since Hermana Melo (he is part member family) but he is never home. But he came and I liked it, he only has one more asistencia left! So PRAY for Gonzalo please :)

Things are starting to heat up here in Argentina and it isn’t even “spring” yet. And also the mosquito’s are starting to attack. Oran is the worst place for mosquitos in all of the mission. Hermana Chapparro said that we have to buy pants....I don’t want to....so I’m going to wait and see if ill be transferred. haha I guess pants is better than Dengue Fever so will see. I sent a photo. These mosquitos bite really strongly and it swells up but then the next day you just have a little red dot and it doesn’t itch....but when it bites in that moment its like the worst thing ever!

So sorry for the pictures. I feel like I only know how to send pictures of my companion and I... So boring. If you want to give suggestions ill try to take more haha

Love you all! 
Have a great week! ENJOY THE BEACH. 

Hermana Allen 

Mosquito Bite

Monday, August 1, 2016

Pressing Forward

Welp HOLA.

This week well has been the same, working SO HARD and then no one in domingo.  Emotionally it has been hard. We get so excited for a few people and then its like hard core rejection. (I know weird to have rejection in the mission right? haha) We have for sure been exercising diligence, faith, and patience. Its our goal to baptize this transfer and not going to lie I really just felt terrible because we finished semana 3 with no one progressing in the iglesia. 

I think my companion could see how discouraged I was and told me “don’t lose your faith, we can still find someone prepared” In this moment I realized I had zero hope and I knew that I needed to have much more faith and that if I leave Oran without a baptism that its okay because I really have put my whole heart might mind and strength in this area. 

Also I am just really happy. I’ve never been so tired and my body has never hurt so bad but I’m so so happy! Like all the time. I love the mission. I love helping others. I love being an instrument and feeling the Spirit work within me everyday. I love the gospel and I know that it is true. 

Thank you for your prayers and love! I really can feel so much needed strength everyday! 

Have great week! 

Hermana Allen

Wow it sounds like your week was very eventful. I’m glad my replacement is found (Mimi) haha.
This week was really great! Time is flying by here in Oran. I love my new compañera, Hermana Morales. She is way clam and sweet and nice. It didn’t take long to get used to her haha.

Ahh mom you’re going to kill me. I really have nothing to say...hahah uhhhhhhhhhh

This week we found a lot of new investigators. Still we have none progressing, but there is hope. FAITH. haaha We saw Sara Tuesday and she told us the The Book of Mormon didn’t “convince” her. I then asked her if she prayed and she said yes and that she thinks she is going to go to another church. I then asked her if she read it and then she said no. .....yeah you’ve got the read the Book of Mormon to know for yourself. hahaha.....but then the lesson was really great we were able to talk about what is verdeara intencion.... (i forgot how to say that in english) true intent? idk sounds weird. .... but it was really good and she admitted that she has not been reading or praying with Verdadera intencion. And it seemed like to me she was really determined to know. 

Fun fact this week we haven’t had a toilet for 3 days.....

Oh yeah the email I sent you is asking about my travel plans. So if you want to confirm the airport and stuff that will be great. 

I promise that I will make better note this week of weird things that happen so my letters will be more interesting. 

Be brave little champions.

Hermana Allen