Sunday, December 25, 2016


This is my last letter!!! CHE, can you believe it!!? I have so many mixed feelings! 

I’m so grateful for the privilege I have had to serve a full-time mission! I have GROWN SO MUCH and have felt so much love from my Savior and have learned to be more humble, patient, diligent, and to trust in the Lord. I feel like I’m finishing a grand chapter in my life, but I know there are many more great chapters that await. 

Thank you for all that you have done for me. Your prayers, encouragement, love and support. I feel so much love and so much happiness. I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true and that Jesucristo suffered and atoned for us. I love the culture, the language, the people, the mission....TODO.

This week was so perfect. We had a white Christmas here in Santiago de estero! Graciela, Malena, Lorena, and Sofia were baptized along with 3 other investigadores from the Elders de nuestro distrito. To see 7 personas dressed in white was such a spiritual experience and I am so honored to take part of these once in a life time feelings. To find, teach, and watch someone change and take upon themselves the name of Jesus Christ and See the LIGHT enter their lives. 

I hope you all have a great Christmas and that you all take a moment to remember our Savior. 

See you next week!  Die 28!!! WHHOOOO

Ps. Forgive me for my English ha-ha

Hermana Allen 

Also, my district loves me and they bought me a cake to celebrate 18 messes Hamah. poor so la foot...

Monday, December 12, 2016


Okay, this week went by so fast and I felt like we did nothing. haha. We went to Salta for Consejo de last one!!! :( :( really I’ve kind of been in denial that I have no time left and I’ve never felt like I’m going home until this's been a bit sad. We also had our last zone conference and it feels so weird. 

This week we might have 4 baptisms!! Sofia is kind of a miracle.  She is best friends with a member here and has been to church before, so she will for sure be baptized this week she has 10 aƱos. Graciela and her nietas Malena y Lorena didn’t come to church this week!! :( church started at 9:30 but she wasn’t there so my comp and I jumped in un remis to look for her but when we got to her house she said NO but didn’t give us a reason. Then later that day we went to her house to have a lesson and she felt really sad for things happening with her family and sad because she smoked 1 cigarette and felt unworthy. :( ;( but she is so good and the nietas have a calendar with the dia of their baptism circled which made our hearts we are going to ask President Chaparro if they can be baptized with only 2 asistenia and no 3 because we are scared that they won’t come to church Christmas day because Argentina culture, no one sleeps Christmas's literally a party until 6am. 

I sent photos of us in the rain. What normally takes us 10 min to walk, took us 30 min haha oops. Trying not to fall in the mud takes work you know. 

I can’t believe I only have 2 weeks left! Keep lighting the world and sharing your testimony with others! I am so happy to be a missionary :)
Love you all so much!! 
See you very soon!

Hermana Allen 

Friday, December 9, 2016

Whelp. I'm really sorry but I feel like this letter will be a little lame. I feel like nothing happened this week. 

We are working so much and enjoying this beautiful *cough cough HORRIBLE* sunshine! hahaha. But I'm really enjoying every moment!!! We have Graciela and her 2 nietas Malena y Lorena preparing for baptism on the 17th! they came to church again and really Graciela is so prepared. The other day she asked us what she needs to change before she gets humble I love her so much! 

We are also teaching a girl named Ivana. She also came to church Sunday and she is friends with a member. She is really sweet. however she can't read and has trouble learning with her memory and all, so we have to teach a little bit slower. She is preparing for the 24th. 

I love my companion. We laugh a lot and are enjoying every second of this transfer. Good news today we bought a Christmas tree so I'm sure next week you will see some nice photos. Mom, you asked about my district. We are with 4 elders and nosotras no mas :) It's a party.

Overall I just feel really happy and grateful. 


Love you all!
Hermana Allen