Friday, November 25, 2016

Happy Halloween
LILLY happy birthday today! ADAM happy birthday tomorrow! You guys are so grown up! 

Whelp this past week was exhausting.  Literally I felt so bad because apparently I had the “Im tired face at church” and everyone was asking if iI was companion too. haha oops. But this week was great. The other Hermana came back to the mission so we said goodbye to Hermana Oliviera which was a little sad.

Friday part of the zone went to Tucman for tramites. And in about an hour we are going to Salta for consejo de lideres. 

Saturday night we had a lesson with the familia Rojas and man it was CRAZY. the mom (Sandra) is progressing so much and has so much desire to help her familia. We taught the word of wisdom and even had a member with us who overcame drinking before he got baptized. The dad (Carlos) didn’t really say that he would leave his wine completely. Y bueno....the familia Rojas have a kiosco (a small store)  in there house and when the people come they have to attended the clients. So during the lesson Sandra left for literally 3 or 4 min and Carlos started yelling at her. saying that the lesson was more important...and we are all “herman o esta bien we will wait” then she came back and started crying and said that he always yells and she doesn’t like it with he yells at the kids because she was raised with verbally abusive parents and she can now see that her husband is doing the same. and then Carlos started to talk and say that he was raised on the streets and his parents were really strict with him and it’s the only way he knows how and because he is the head of the family everyone has to listen and respect him.....MAN OH MAN....literally we felt like were in a marriage therapy session. But it ended all good....then Sunday morning we called to wake them up for church and Sandra said that she can’t go because her husband drank all night long and no one slept and that her daughter was crying for us in the night. 

Literally breaks my heart. We have so much love for them. Please pray that Carlos will have desires to change. also my testimony grew of the doctrine of the families that we have in the church. We left them with the proclamation to the family. And there are just so many problems we avoid when we follow the gospel and all that it teaches. 

Hope everyone enjoys the nice California beaches. :)


Hermana Allen 

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