Wednesday, September 7, 2016

This week was LOCO. 

Well bueno pobre Hermana Rojas had to have an operation AGIAN and Presidente y Hermana Chaparro were in Oran for 3 days and most of my week has been running around crazy helping the other Hermanas that live with us. 

Also wow... the pants are the best. Not one mosquito tried to eat us. but really weird because as of Saturday its winter again. Right know I’m with boots and my big coat and tights so I don’t know what’s going on with the weather here, but I’m not can be winter still and I am cool with that. 

So we had an experience really spiritual with a member, Hermana Flores. We are teaching her sister in law (Gaby) and also her step son (Imanol). So Thursday we wanted to pass by to share a scripture with her real fast so we called her but she wasn’t home. However, she said that we should pass by a kiosco media cuadra de su casa to visit her neighbor. She doesn’t know her, but every time she passed by her neighbor she looks really sad. She we went to visit her neighbor (ROSANA) she let us in and we asked about her kids and her family. The first question we always ask is if they are married haha. She said no but they had plans until her daughter de 14 años passed away as of August. We began to talk about the plan of salvacion a little bit and she said she wants to have more faith in god, because well right know she doesn’t understand why God would take away her daughter. But the best part was her prayer at the end. It was so beautiful; I felt the chills all over my body. I haven’t felt the spirit like that during a lesson for a very very long time. She thank God for sending us to help her and then started to talk about her daughter. She is so sad and we already have so much love and want to help her so much. 

Yesterday my comp showed me a video de Elder Holland and Benard for mission presidents and trial in the mission and how it’s connected to the atonement. It was the best thing of my life.  ill try to send it to you. But I liked it because it reminded me of what mom said the other week about giving it your all even when you feel tired. And how after the hardest trail in Christ’s life (atonement) he went to continue to work in the spirit world. 

Keep working! Keep trying! Keep enduring! 

Love you all!! 

Hermana Allen

Mission Leadership

Pants... mosquito protection

Visiting Hermana Rojas in the Hospital

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