Monday, September 12, 2016

I almost didn’t write today. I’m kind of hoping that I don’t throw up while writing this letter. Yes, I have been throwing up since 5am but I recently just got another injection to stop it... That seems to be the solution here in Argentina... injections! hahaha

So this week we had so many miracles.  My companion and I really felt guided by the spirit. So Immanol is 13 and he has been coming to church for some time now, only we couldn’t teach him because he never would ask his mom for permission (his dad is miembro but lives with his mom) so the other day we were talking with Imanol and we asked him were he lived so we can talk to is mom. Turns out he LIVES IN THE SAME HOUSE THAT CAMILIA OUR OLD INVESTIGATOR WHOSE GRANDMA YELLED AT US. 

I 100% did not want to go back to this house. Then the other day we were walking and Immanol was just walking and Hermana Morales asked if his mom was home and he said yes. So we went and his mom was super chill! She said if he likes it and wants to continue she has no problem. So that was a miracle and Imanol is so excited for his baptism! He was gong to be baptized this Saturday but his dad is a policeman and has to work, but si o si Saturday 24 :)  

Okay I have no energy. Next week will be better! Love you!!!

Hermana Allen

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