Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Save it be one soul unto me, how great shall be your joy with him in the kingdom of my Father!

This week was the baptism de IMANOL yay! It was so so special and we are so happy. Literally as we are finishing this transfer I just felt the spirit so much and like always I don’t want to leave this area. (haha its funny because I wasn’t a fan for a good three months) but really it amazes me how much joy and love you feel as a missionary when you get to help people. It makes all the hard times worth it. Yesterday Imanol´s dad confirmed him and in the blessing he talked about how they can now go to the temple to get sealed. That never occurred to me that Imanol wasn’t sealed to his dad and it just made me even HAPPIER. 

This week we also had interviews with president! I love president Chaparro. He is so nice. Basically the interview was just him saying nice things about me and like always I didn’t know how much I needed to hear the things he said until he said them. The spirit is the best. Just gave me more confidence that what we are doing is good. 

This week really is going to be crazy because we have to do intercambios de emergency and we have another intercambio normal and then we have an activity for the rama that we are planning and then General conference. Man loco. I’m so excited for general conference! Can you believe it is my final one in the mission?  MAKE TIME SLOW DOWN PLEASE.

PS fun facts: 
My companion hates popcorn with salt (here they eat popcorn with sugar)
In the photo I was the only brave one to take out the hair in our drain... it was gross.
My companion spelled ¨Please¨ like this ----> pliz 
Another hermana said to me ¨Hermana Allen kiss my bum¨¨ Oh my! The things Latinos learn in English on the streets these days. 

Have a great semana! LOVE YOU! 
Hermana Allen

Baptism of Imanol

Cleaning out the gross shower drain

Role Playing

Hermana's with Sister Chaperro

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