Monday, October 3, 2016

9 de Julio, Santiago de estero

Whelp I’m being transferred! Yikes! I’m literally going from the mas norte parte to the mas south of the mission. Literally its 12 hours from here (Oran) hahah. Santiago is also the HOTTEST place you can go hahah but really I’m so excited! Now I will know ALL of the provincias de la mission! I hear so many great things about Santiago so I am happy! Can you believe this is my final area! How crazy life is!!! WAY TOO FAST. 

I loved general conference. it was so good! I loved the spirit I felt and I also loved how they focused mucho in missionary work Saturday! Mom I loved the very same talk that you liked! I literally shed a few tears feeling so grateful for the mission and everything I have learned about the atonement and I also loved the talk about service on Sunday! I just felt the spirit so much telling me that what I am doing is good and that heavenly father is proud of me. 
I watched it on Saturday in Spanish and Sunday in English. It was funny literally all of us gringos were watching it in a closet with a tiny little TV, but man its just so much better to hear the voices of the speakers it makes it so much more powerful. 

Also Imanol came to conference with his perfect family and he also came wearing a white shirt and tie and it made me so so happy. Also in the photos we ate ASADO with this family that I adore. They are menos activos but have been retuning to church ever since I’ve been here with Hermana Melo. It has been 4 months since I’ve had asado! I WAS SO EXCITED. Then, Sunday Tia Maria came to me crying because she was sad I was leaving. It touched me so much. She then passed me a small little bag with a new skirt in it. I could just feel her love so much, but more importantly I felt the love the Savior has for her. That’s the hard part about transfers. After you served a group of people for a while your have an amor profundo for them, making it so hard to leave. 

I’m sure ill have a whole bunch to tell about my new area. and yes mom, I am still Hermana Lider. Oh and my new comp is Hermana Gonzalvez de Brasil! 

Have a great week! 

Love you all! 
Hermana Allen 

Enjoying Asado


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