Monday, May 2, 2016

Mate Season

So let me just start off that I’ve never been so cold in my entire life! Life without heaters is pretty depressing haha. Be grateful. This week was a little difficult.....

Hermana Herrera was sick with fever for 2 days and when you have a new missionary sick...its really hard. Satan is very good at his job.... lets just say there was a lot crying for family, pain, and frustration :( but she is all better now and back to her normal self!

On Tuesday we were dying because it was soooo cold. We called the mission office and asked if they could send us money to buy a heater, but they said it would take a week for them to put the money in our account----so we just decided to buy one and have them re pay us. But Tuesday night came along so we didn’t have time to buy it and justo Hermana Herrera got sick that night so I gave money to a member and they bought us one! Well its more like a giant light that gives off heat haha but its better than nothing...also Mom, the sleeping bag its really great too! Thank you.  I have a really great picture of the ¨heater¨ but Hermana Herrera left her cable to her next week! 

Hermano Rojas si o si will be baptized this Saturday! Yay! Its funny because he is our eterno investigator and when the bishop announced his baptism EVERYONE was so happy and bore their testimonies about him hahah so sweet. I think he hated it but really secretly loved it. 

For breakfast its back to hot chocolate, mate, and boldo. So I’m pretty happy about that. Nothing really happened this week sorry I’ve been soo boring lately I’ll try to improve in that. It looks like the next few weeks we will be getting some action! We have plans to be tourists next week so expect some great photos.


Hermana Allen 

Enjoying the little bit of warmth from the heater... I mean light.

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