Monday, April 25, 2016

Baby It’s Cold Outside

Yeah so winter is coming and I’m slightly afraid. Today is FREEZING and we don’t have a heater in our apartment so that’s been fun. But because its still fall the weather is really weird here. Some days it's freezing, other days it's really hot, and other days it’s normal sunny but cool weather. 

This week was stake conference so that was nice. The president del Templo de Cordoba came and it was fun to hear his talks. Once again I just want to go to the temple SO BAD. So maybe you all and do me a favor and head down to the temple this week in San Diego. I miss that place. 

Two things that I really liked from your letters mom and dad, was your teenage slang... it’s coming along! Dad described his new calling as ¨pretty chill¨ and mom described Hannah’s talk as ¨legit¨ hahah loved it. Yeah Dangue is a thing here, but it isn’t as bad here in Jujuy compared to other parts of the mission. 

We might have a baptism this week of one of our “investigators ETERNO.” His name is Hermano Rojas. Family is active in the church and his daughter served a mission. His whole family is miembro minus him. Since I’ve been here he has had 2 baptism dates. But this week is the “the most sure” I’ve ever seen him! He had an experience in the clase de principios del evangelio were he heard a voice over and over “You need to get baptized” So that’s pretty cool! The spirit is real. However, Satanas is also very real and I swear before every baptism something goes wrong or they have doubts, so keep praying for my investigators. 

Yes mom I’m still training :) training is two transfers! Yippee. Seriously I’m so blessed to have my companion. People all the time comment on our relationship and can see that we are unidas! Life in the mission is a whole lot easier when you can enjoy the mission with a great companion. 

Sorry not much to tell this week! Love you all to pieces!

Hasta la vista baby! 
Hermana Allen 

This photo was from my birthday. My companion bought me an ice cream cake and made me that sweet little sign.  I had a great birthday :)

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