Monday, May 23, 2016


Well this week was so great! We saw many miracles, which made me so happy! I”m also very sad because I DONT WANT TO LEAVE! 

Miracle #1. We had a very spiritual lesson with Matias´s mom! Tuesday we wanted to have lesson with Candela y Guadalupe, but they were in their grandmas house......but we went anyway! When we arrived Candela was helping in the kitchen and Matias and Quada were doing homework. We ended up talking to their mom while waiting for them to finish. She opened up to us about a lot of stuff. (She is pregnant right now and doesn’t want to be) and just feels like she has a huge backpack on her shoulders. Matias kept dropping hints for us to start teaching it was funny... but we just kept listening until they finished homework. We then shared Mosiah 24:12-15 (which I share with like everyone) hahah and we felt the Spirit so strong and it was the first time the mama de Matias was actually listening to us! Matias said she has a huge desire to go to church, but doesn’t want to give up her occasional beer and vine. Hermana Herrera and I were talking afterwards and literally the Lord works in mysterious ways. Maybe Claudia is pregnant to help her keep the word of wisdom and to be humble enough to listen to us. She promised she is going to come to church... my ultimo domingo! 

Miracle #2. Lunch with people from POWAY. So the ex bishop here met someone from Utah on his mission and long story short they got married and he has now been living in the homeland for about 8 years now. Anyway we get this phone call and Hermana Herrera hands me the phone and says I don’t understand! I answer and say ¨hola¨ and on the other end there is this lady talking in English! I WAS SO CONFUSED. I literally thought it was mom or something and there was an emergency at home! it was the son of the ex obispo and his wife was talking. I couldn’t talk in English I felt so awkward but she asked if there is anything I missed from home so that they could make it. I wanted to scream MEXICAN FOOD!!! but instead I said, “oh whatever is good”.  They made us calzones with homemade chocolate cookies! It was so good! I can not begin to tell you how weird I felt during the lunch. Everyone speaks Spanish menos their two little girls and the mom kept talking to them, and seriously I wanted to cry because I felt so weird and I don’t know how I’m ever going to speak English like a normal person.

Miracle #3. FAMILIA CUEZZO CAME TO CHURCH AND MAGALY WANTS TO GET BAPTIZED. I’m kind of running out of time, but we haven’t heard from the Familia Cuezzo in about a month so we just dropped them because we thought they dropped us. But the husband de Gloria is sick with cancer so they didn’t have much time this past month to talk with us. At church I used the technique “hey this is my last week here so when can we come visit you?” and then Magaly shouts Hermana! No you cant leave! I want to get baptized! Literally I was so shocked. I’m pretty sure the last lesson we had with them, they were telling us that they couldn’t believe The Book of Mormon.   Miracle!

Sorry I wrote so much! I just love Perico! I’m so jealous of the next missionary that comes here! But hey there is still a possibility that I can stay! Thank you for the letters! Love you all! 

Hermana Allen 

PS sorry my English is sooo bad.

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