Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Well this week was looonnggg. haha I really like my new area. The members are really great and there is a real church in this area! It's so pretty! I kind of forgot what it was like to have church in a real chapel with a ward haha. So first impressions of my new area:

1. HUGE.... literally kind of scared that I have to learn the area in 6 weeks. My first day, when Hermana Vacaflor said that we were going to take a bus to get to an area, I knew we would be doing a lot more walking than in Simoca haha.  On Friday I was WHIPPED. I will tell you why in a little bit.  

2. A little bit more ghetto. Haha

3. MORE DOGS. I’m repenting for ever complaining about the dogs in Simoca. 

4. COOL WEATHER. Bueno, it’s still summer but this week has been overcast all week and when the people hear that my first area was in Tucuman they just look at me with a "I’m sorry face¨ haha 

So with this being my second area and everything I still feel like a little baby in the mission. It for sure felt like I was starting the mission all over again this week. All of my insecurities have been magnified and I don’t feel adequate to be the Senior Companion. My Spanish is definitely one of them... STILL. And super embarrassing.... multiple members have made comments and asked if my companion is training me.....yeah....but I’m feeling a lot better and each day it gets easier. Change will always be a little difficult. And once again I’m having to put more trust in my Savior :) The gospel is really just the best. Each day I’m so surprised with all that I’m learning! 

Investigators in this area are well....interesting. They have a LOT of problems to overcome and are not really progressing. So this week we have been focusing on finding nuevos, and yesterday we found 9! One really great family that we are really excited about. We taught them how to pray and then asked the dad if he would close with a prayer. It was his first time praying and we felt the spirit so strong. I think that is one thing I love about the mission...watching people pray for the first time....EVERYTIME they finish there is light in their eyes...whether they are interested in our message or not. 

So why was I so tired Friday? Well my companion had to go to Salta this week for her visa and I was on exchanges in MY AREA. So yeah basically we walked everywhere and no one would receive us...we even had a member with us...but at times he got lost too.... and then we walked about 45min to our lunch apt...basically this week was a mission wake up call haha! 

I’m really excited for this area and for the milagros we will see! 


Hermana Allen

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