Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Hello family! 

Well this week was interesting... This week has been really hard emotionally. I don’t really know why. I just feel so INADEQUATE. My companion is great but we both have been under so much stress that there has definitely been some tension and I’m trying so hard to make it better. Its like one hour we are both so happy then the next we are frustrated or overwhelmed about something. 

The other day we were doing verification with my district leader and I said something grammatically incorrect. Then he said ¨Hermana Allen, Como esta with your language study¨ I said, good why?...then he corrected my grammar. I don’t know why but afterwards I just broke down. I like when people correct me, but the way he said it was just so rude and I felt so dumb. Its frustrating because last transfer I felt SO GOOD like a missionary and yeah...now I feel like I’m starting the mission all over again. I felt so weak this week but I feel better today and I’m determined this week will be better! Thank you so much for all of your support! 

Also yesterday listening to the testimonies and taking the sacrament I felt so much better. Satan is really getting to me and I just need to have more patience. Sometimes it is really frustrating to hear this answer haha. But I can do it. Today we had such a great Pday! We played futbol with the whole ward and I just felt so good. Hopefully this week will be better! I’m trying so hard to be better! Mom, thank you so much for you letter!  I felt the spirit so so strong!

Nathan asked what I eat here? Tell him I eat ¨Pizza, asado, milinesa, and empanadas." 

So interesting story! Last night, well every night at about 3am there is a huge dog fight. Our apartment has no air condition, so we have the huge window in our room and sleep with it open because it’s so hot! We couldn’t sleep because here was 20 dogs fighting in the street and then I was almost fast asleep when my comp shakes me ¨Hermana! Hermana! look! This man just got robbed! We looked out our window and there was this man lying in the middle of the street. My companion saw the whole thing. She said that this guy fell off his moto and then there were two guys who stole his moto! He stood up and was bleeding from his head....so it was an action filled night hahah. (ps we live on the second story) 

So the family I was really excited about, we taught them the first lesson and the dad is really interested! He was so excited to come to church but then when we called them Sunday morning they took a last minute trip to Guemes. 

I finally have a computer today that will allow me to upload pics! 
HAVE A GREAT WEEK! Love you so much! 

Hermana Allen

P-Day Futbol

Saying Goodbye- Transfers

Adios Simoca

P-Day Futbol with Ward Memebers


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