Monday, February 22, 2016

Domingo de Milagros

Hola my fellow friends and family! 
Well things have been a little better here in Perico. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still struggling with the struggles but yesterday we witnessed a miracle! 

So we have an Investigator, Matias. He is 17 almost 18 and is golden. We found him about two weeks ago...referencia de un miembro. Anyway this week he has been progressing very nicely and came to the church activity. Tuesday we taught the Restoration and the Spirit was so strong! At the end I was baring my testimony and the words just came out ¨I know if you pray you will receive an answer, because you are a son of God, and He loves you.¨ After I said this, I could see tears filling his eyes. Gift of tongues moment...and it was so tender for me. So his challenge is that he lives in the farthest 20min on a bus so we can’t just stop by his house before church. We have had to depend on his friend who is a member to bring him everywhere, which has been kind of hard because she is 16 and her family is well a little bit less active. So Sunday I called and called his friend but she didn’t answer, and then I called Matias and he said he was too shy, nervous to come by himself. SO I was a little sad because I thought once again we wouldn’t have any investigators come to church...a little discouraging. 

Now for the milagro part...
First of all the menos activos that we have been visiting CAME! 
Attendance was 114! Usually it’s about 80. The chapel was filled! 
4 new investigators showed up that we have never met before and want to be baptized. (they live kind of far) but the Bishop is way excited and is going to take the bus with us this week to talk with them! 
And then right before the Sacrament, Matias and Lucy (his friend) came! 
Also the ward had just came back from the temple so they were sharing their testimonies about the temple and 4 of them went through for the first time. Literally its my favorite part to hear the testimonies of the members about the temple! Definitely feeling trunky to go to the temple when I come home. haha

Well I don’t have much time! Today we had district activity in Carmen at this lake and it was so pretty and was so fun to SEE WATER! I’ll try to send pics but this computer is well, not very good. Enjoy that California beach and sun. Love you all! 

Hermana Allen 

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