Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Hola my beautiful family! 

So not going to lie this week was kind of miserable.... but ended on a good note! 
After I wrote you guys last week I felt not so good and it turned out, I still had a fever. Wednesday I felt like I was going to die and so we went to the doctor.  She gave me some drugs and by Friday night I felt so good! However, right now my companion is very sick. I’m pretty sure it's her appendix! ah idk... we are going to the doctor for her later today. 

Heavenly Father has definitely tried my patience. Being sick as a missionary is not the greatest thing in the world especially when you have people to visit and work to do. But I learned this week to be patient with myself, my companion, and with Heavenly Father. Also I just love Simoca. We asked President to bring me some meds last week and after that I think I received 10,000 phone calls and text messages from ward members. Also like 50 meals haha. The people of Argentina love to serve and I love that about them. Seriously I learn so much from the members here. 

Sunday we had interviews with President. It was weird that it was on a Sunday, but it was the highlight of my week. He previously asked all the missionaries to set goals, so we talked about my goals and plans for this year...kind of weird to think that all of 2016 is the remainder of my mission!  That is kind of cool. He also said I speak very well and that I have improved! Well that is... my first interview was all in English hahaha. It felt really good to have an interview with President in the mission language. 

The reason I didn’t write yesterday was because we were in the church about to start writing and the power went out. It was out from about 4:00-10:30 at night. Yeah.... the power going out has been happening a lot this week...so mom yes, I have been using the flashlight you packed for me. hehehe President gave us permission to write home really fast. Anyway, I have to go! Love you so so much and miss you all! 

Hermana Allen

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