Monday, January 18, 2016

 Well this week was another week of staying in the apartment.... four days. The meds just were not working and then we went to a different doctor and he gave us more meds and these seem to be working which is so good! However, my companions are really sad and discouraged. It’s kind of interesting because I have felt like the senior companion this week, which has been hard mostly because I feel like I was in my companion’s shoes not too long ago. I think before the mission I would have an experience like this...not being able to work and do the things that I want to do would have killed me. Hahah I’ve really been trying to work on patience and charity this week and I JUST FEEL SO GOOD. Every time I feel stress I just say a little prayer and think about patience and it’s all good. I’ve never felt peace and comfort during my trials like I have this week. The atonement of Jesus Christ is real.  Also thinking about how much I’ve grown and it is truly amazing how much my testimony has been strengthened.

It’s is a goal of mine to read the New Testament and man I’m LOVING IT. If you want a stronger relationship with our savior read the New Testament with the Book of Mormon’s the best thing ever!  I was reading in Matthew 9:35-36 and I just wow...had this moment of realization I’m a representative of Jesus Christ. We preach, help others, we have the power to heal through the spirit and Priesthood, and we obtain compassion for those sheep without a Sheppard. I also read a talk about our “Spiritual Confidence Before God”. I feel like my spiritual confidence is growing and growing! One thing that Presidente said is that he is happy to hear when missionaries are struggling because it means that we are growing. Haha kind of weird but its SO TRUE....“We receive no witness after the trial of our faith”. Sometimes we just need to pray and be like... okay Heavenly Father this is a test isn’t it...then have the faith and hope that it will all work out and make us stronger and a more Christ like person. 

Random story... The other day we were eating with Rosa and one of Caesar’s friends came over and he was DRUNK AS A SKUNK haha.  He came up to us and was talking about how the Mormons are so nice and how he is sick of his life and wants to change. I was very taken back. But also was a moment were I felt really grateful for the gospel and for the opportunity to change. This man only knows that alcohol can stop his pain for a short period of time, but we have the Gospel to change us and be eternally happy! We invited him to church but I don’t think he remembers our conversation, but I’m still very hopeful for him :) We also ran into another alcoholic when we turned down this street and Hermana Aliaga just looks at me and says OH NO... hahah!  He was at the end of the street yelling “HEY MORMONS. you are going to hell!” and bunch of other not so nice things.  I just started laughing, I don’t know why?  Then he got even angrier and said WHY ARE YOU SMILING?
This was the first time someone yelled at me like that on my mission was great! I felt like a true missionary hahaha :) 

Well next week is transfer week and I might be leaving Simoca. Usually the first area is only 3 transfers.....I DONT WANT TO LEAVE. Expect a very emotional letter next week hahaha 
Sorry not much to tell this week.  I hope I didn’t sound preachy. 

Love you! 

Hermana Allen

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