Monday, December 28, 2015

Año nuevo!
Hola mi Familia!

Wow it was so fun to see your faces! Literally I have so much love for you all, I was so happy for the chance to have a short time with you guys for Christmas.  Kind of a bummer you couldn’t hear me very well, you guys were perfectly clear! 

So for Christmas Eve we had a huge dinner with Rosa and her family and then after at 11:00 we returned home and at midnight my companion and I though bombs were going off. Literally the streets were covered with smoke from the fireworks and honestly it was a little scary because ...well it wasn’t the safest thing hahaha.  Basically it just felt like New years...not Christmas, but it was still nice. Then Christmas day for lunch, we ate with a member and their whole family was in town and I was just so happy because it was like being slapped in the face with Argentina. We ate pig and for dessert fruit salad and the brother in laws were fighting over which team is better Boca or River (the soccer rivals here) ah I don’t know it was just great, felt like family. 

So yeah yesterday was my talk in church and I was just praying that I would have the gift tongues and literally it went so well! I wasn't nervous and I just got up there and talked and it was defiantly by the spirit!! Literally I wanted to cry and after everyone came up to me and we saying how my Spanish has improved A TON and that they actually enjoyed my talk. This was an answer to my prayers! I still have so much to improve on and learn but man it felt good to just know that I’m progressing! 

Also, yesterday the heat made me sick...after lunch my body was so tired which is like a normal thing for me so I didn’t think anything of it and then after our studies we went out and I felt like I was going to die. My body was achy and I had the chills and when we got back to our house I had a fever. Then last night there was a thunderstorm and we didn’t have electricity for about 5 hours, entonces I didn’t sleep because it was so HOT. But I’m feeling much better today! 

So all of our investigators right now need to quit smoking so that is the challenge we are working on right now. But the good news is that they all want to stop because they have such strong testimonies and a desire to get baptized which is literally a blessing! 

Ah I hope you all have a happy new year and mom and dad HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! 
Can’t believe this week is my official 6 month mark! Yikes! The mission is flying by! 
Literally my mind is kinda blank of this week...sorry for this boring letter hahaha 

Hermana Allen 

Christmas Eve Dinner

Christmas Eve Dinner Prep with Rosa and Cesar

"Mata Suerga... translation
Kill Mother in Law" haha

Hermana Allen's perspective while skyping on Christmas Day

Allen Familia- perspective while Skypeing Christmas Day

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