Monday, November 2, 2015

Currently in Tucuman waiting for mi nueva compañera! Saying good-bye to Hermana Piava was sad. She was such a good trainer and I learned a lot from her! My new companions name is Hermana Nuez...? I think haha I don’t know much but I do know she is from Paraguay and only been out for 5 months! I’m sure we are going to learn a lot together! Estoy animada. Also fun fact Hermana Rumsey from the MTC is with me waiting for her companion too! So basically we have been just hanging out in Tucuman. Her Castellano is MUY BUENO. 

Not much to tell about this week. It has been raining these past couple days; one day we even got hail! Last night I opened the front door to take out the trash and this frog comes out of nowhere and jumps into our house. Basically scared the life out of me and Hermana Piava is afraid of frogs so she was hiding in the bedroom while I tried to move the frog outside with a broom.... fun times hahah 

I have learned so much this transfer and I could feel Heavenly Father giving me the strength to conquer the days were I felt so weak. Something that Hermana Piava said that I really think sums up a mission is that ¨in the mission you don’t learn the doctrine, but you really feel it. ¨ I agree with this. The mission has been a time in my life where I have really FELT the power of applying the doctrine, not only for myself, but also for my investigators tambien. 

Oh my goodness Adam looks like so OLD and so does LILLY. WOW. Looks like you guys had a fun birthday. Love and miss you so so much! Sorry this letter is so short. LOVE YOU ALL. 

Que tengan un buen dia. 
Be Brave Little Champions 
Hermana Allen 

Catholic Church in Monteros

"Hermana Allen look this doll has curly hair and is rubia like you!" 

"If Nathan had an Argentine twin" -Hermana Allen

"Feria" (free day)

"Photo de mi distrito"

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