Monday, November 9, 2015


Hola Familia!! 
So this week has been the best week in the mission! Hermana Nunez and I work so well together and she is just adorable! She reminds me of Liz... speaking of Liz... SHE COMES HOME THIS WEEK CRAZY! LOVE HER!  So yeah, Hermana Nunez and I are the same height and she has gorgeous curly hair and is so so sweet. She is a tender mercy. I still have to finish my training so she is basically trainer number 3...haha but WOW I am amazed about how much she knows and she has really helped me to grow. 

Also this week we have worked a ton and I come home so tired but feel so so GOOD. We literally have been talking to EVERYONE trying to find nuevos and we found so many people to teach it has been a miracle! We had 15 people that said they would come to church... only 4 came... but one of the nuevos that came is CAPO! We taught him twice this week (he is a friend on our other investigator Ariel) he came 30 min early to church and really liked the classes and was just so happy! After church we asked him if he prayed about the Book of Mormon and if he got an answer... He just looked at us with the biggest smile on his face and said ¨oh I got an answer...this is true¨
Basically I wanted to cry. I felt the spirit so strong when he said that. However, he needs marriage. So please pray for him! Like a LOT! He wants to get married but his wife doesn’t. (basically the biggest problem right now with all the people we teach) 

I just feel TAN Feliz and I have really felt the love of God. I finally feel like this is my home and that I am actually helping others come closer to Christ. This week I was reading in Jacob chapter 5 about the gathering of Israel. Reading this chapter as a missionary is like wow... I learned so much. I am really learning more about the love God has for his children. I keep trying to comprehend it, but I don’t think I ever fully will. In verse 41, I don’t know what it says in English haha but in Spanish it says that when the lord saw the Malo trees after he had tried everything he could to preserve them, he wept and asked, What more could I have done for my vineyard? As missionaries we feel this. When we do everything possible and the outcome isn’t as it should be. However it is also important to remember this is how Heavenly father feels about us every day... He has given us everything and his arms are ALWAYS there for us...but yet we choose to turn away from him and He LITERALLY WEEPS. He is doing everything possible right now to bring his children back to him so that they can produce good fruit! There have been moments in my mission were I have felt so weak and small and I have thought ¨How can God trust such a small person? Why does he love me so much and is so forgiving that he will let me try again and again?” Literally The gospel is perfect. Perfect in everyway and everyone just needs to hear it! haha 

Love you all so much! Keep serving others and reading your scriptures! 
Hermana Allen

New Companion/Trainer Hermana Nunez
from Paraguay

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