Monday, November 16, 2015

Empanadas, Elder Cook  
& Everlasting Friendships 
-make for a fantastic week!

Hola! Well I am just so happy. Like seriously so happy. The gospel is the best thing in the entire world! 

This week we had mission conference and Elder Cook from the quorum of the twelve apostles came and it was literally one of the most powerful meetings I have ever attended. Friday we left Simoca for a 7-hour bus ride to Salta, stayed in a hotel, had the conference and right after back to Simoca. 14-hour trip in total. Literally the moment I entered the hallway  (the end of a very long hallway) I see a Rubia wearing Hermana Smith’s Dress. Literally she came running down the hallway toward me! Hahah. She gave me the biggest longest hug and it was so GOOD TO SEE HER. Like I wanted to cry out of pure joy. I was just so so happy. We even got to sit next to each other during the conference and everything! There wasn’t enough time to catch up in total and I didn’t want to leave, but seeing her and hearing her voice was such a fun, sweet tender mercy from the lord. (PS her Spanish es de diez)

I got to shake Elder Cook’s hand...yeah I’m cool. Haha Literally the conference was so great and I learned a lot. All the speakers were AMAZING. I learned a lot of things that I think will help me be better and also help our investigators too! But I think the most powerful part was his testimony. Like wow. Also his blessing was so tender. During the closing prayer you could hear sniffling from all the was that good. 

Also Saturday was Hermana Nunez birthday! Since we were on a bus all day Saturday we celebrated today in the Casa de Rosa! I seriously love the people here. Everyone is family to me.

Saturday we got home around 7:30 and had an appointment with Ruben about the law of chastity. His novia still doesn’t want to get He came to church again on Sunday and his testimony literally blows my mind. I asked him how does he know that this church is true. He just said I just feel this overwhelming peace and happiness. I am so impressed he recognized the spirit so quickly! He is a prepared soul. I have never been so excited to see someone change like this before. Please pray for him. 

So I just found out today that we have to go to Salta again tomorrow and Wednesday for paper work for my visa...that is kind of stressful because we are so behind from the two days we lost from the conference. SO Much work and no time! 
Mom, you asked me about my Spanish. I feel like I’m in this awkward phase were I don’t know Spanish or English haha. Hermana Nunez knows a lot of English and has been helping me with my accent. She asked me to describe my family in English so she could compare my English accent to my castellano.... literally I couldn’t do it...hahah Like in my head I was saying English but the words out of my mouth were Spanish.... but also I can’t really completely explain everything in its just awkward haha! But I am improving mucho and feel comfortable talking to people! 

It is starting to get hot.... summer is here and I have so much miedo. Tucuman is the 2nd hottest provencia en la mission. Santiago is it could be worse. Basically all the members say that they don’t sleep in the summer and that in the afternoon there is no one outside and that people pull their beds outside because it’s cooler. Hermana Piava told me in the mornings they would get their blankets wet and put them in the refrigerator so that they could have cold blankets.... idk...but I'm sure I'll have some fun things to say about that. 

Love you all so much! 
Que Tegan un Buen dia, y Sean Valiente! 
Hermana Allen 

Salta Mission Conference

MTC District Sisters at the Salta Mission Conference

Salta Missionaries who were together in the same MTC District

Happy Day! Back together at last!
Hermana Smith and Hermana Allen

Simoca- with her new trainer Hermana Nunez from Paraguay

Learning how to make empanadas!

Hermana Allen
Excited about making her own empanada!

Casa de Rosa- Feliz Cumpleanos Hermana Nunez

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