Monday, August 1, 2016

Pressing Forward

Welp HOLA.

This week well has been the same, working SO HARD and then no one in domingo.  Emotionally it has been hard. We get so excited for a few people and then its like hard core rejection. (I know weird to have rejection in the mission right? haha) We have for sure been exercising diligence, faith, and patience. Its our goal to baptize this transfer and not going to lie I really just felt terrible because we finished semana 3 with no one progressing in the iglesia. 

I think my companion could see how discouraged I was and told me “don’t lose your faith, we can still find someone prepared” In this moment I realized I had zero hope and I knew that I needed to have much more faith and that if I leave Oran without a baptism that its okay because I really have put my whole heart might mind and strength in this area. 

Also I am just really happy. I’ve never been so tired and my body has never hurt so bad but I’m so so happy! Like all the time. I love the mission. I love helping others. I love being an instrument and feeling the Spirit work within me everyday. I love the gospel and I know that it is true. 

Thank you for your prayers and love! I really can feel so much needed strength everyday! 

Have great week! 

Hermana Allen

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