Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Birthday America!

Hello Hello!
(I know didn’t say “Hola”...I’m feeling so American right now)

Happy Fourth of July! Ah I cant believe how fast time is flying. Adam is at EFY right now jeez it felt like just yesterday he wrote me in the MTC telling me about his experience last year. I made pancakes to keep up the tradition. Hehe also fun fact today was the first time in toooddoooo mi mission that I ate strawberries. IT WAS SO GOOD. 

This week was really great SARA came to church and I love her. Dario (her boyfriend) didn’t come, but I think she liked it. Saturday we had a great lesson with her. She read the introduction and prayed about it but said that she felt really confused and that she thought it was a lie. But we then taught the restoration and she was REALLY paying attention. and basically she is like girl version of Joseph smith. She has so many desires to join a church but doesn’t know which one to join. And wow. She had a great experience at church too. Justo clase de principios was about the law of chastity so it was good....because like bro, you need to get married. 

Tonight we leave for sSalta for consejo de lideres. I’m so excited because were asked to study about the Book of Mormon so I feel like Presidente Chaparro is going to say some good stuff to really help our area!  

Ahhh I don’t really know what else to say. Hahah “This week was the same as last week”.

Oh congrats to DANI and her CUTEST BABY EVER. BABY ANNIE!!! I cant wait to meet my new cousin.

Love you all! Que tengan un buen dia! Eat a hamburger. Enjoy the fireworks. 

Hermana Allen 

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