Monday, July 18, 2016

Hola familia. como estan?

Today is transfers and of course I’m staying here in Oran. My new comp is Hermana Morales de Chile. She hasn’t come yet but I know her a little bit and she is really great! So im happy. Also this will be my fourth comp from Chile. So far I’ve gotten along with cada una de mi Chileanas so I think it will be good.

Shout out to Hermana smith.... capacitadora en Tucuman!!! I’m so jealous that she will be able to do divisions en SIMOCA. Also Hermana Herrera wrote me today and Jonathan and another investigador that I taught en Perico got baptized. I’m so happy for them. I’ll send pictures.

This week was good. I feel so sad because I feel like lately I’ve had nothing to write about. This week was once again a lot of traveling and a whole a lot of no progression. (Seems to be the theme of the transfer) BUT I have so much animos that this transfer will be better and that we will see some milagros!

This month we are focusing in the Book of Mormon. I have such a strong testimony that if we read it everyday will be able to have the strength to overcome whatever trial we face. De verdad, the Book of Mormon has such power our conversion to Heavenly father and gives us so much direction and COMFORT. I think as a family we should read the book of Mormon cover to cover before I come home

I love you all so much! Miss you tons and tons. Continue to be brave and diligent.

Hermana Allen

Bus Ride

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