Monday, July 18, 2016

Wow it sounds like your week was very eventful. Im glad my replacement was found (mimi) hahah.
This week was really great! Time is flying by here in Oran. I love my new compaƱera, Hermana Morales. She is way clam and sweet and nice. It didn’t take long to get used to her.

Ahh mom you’re going to kill me. I really have nothing to say again this week...hahah uhhhhhhhhhh

This week we found a lot of new investigators. Still we have none progressing, but there is hope. FAITH. haaha We saw Sara Tuesday and she told us the the book of Mormon didnt “convince” her. I then asked her if she prayed and she said yes and that she thinks she is going to go to another church. I then asked her if she read it and then she said no. .....yeah you got the read the Book of Mormon hahaha.....but then the lesson was really great, we were able to talk about what is verdeara intencion.... (I forgot how to say that in English) true intent? idk sounds weird. .... but it was really good and she admitted that she hasn’t been reading or praying with verdadera intencion. And it seemed like to me she was really determined to know. 

Fun fact this week we haven’t had a toilet for 3 days.....

Oh yeah the email I sent you is asking about my travel plans. So if you want to confirm the airport and stuff that will be great. 

I promise that I will make better note this week of weird things that happen so my letters will be more interesting. 

Be brave little champions.

Hermana Allen 
Hermana Allen and Hermana Morales

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