Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes! I can’t believe I’m 20...soy vieja. Also I loved that in my honor you all ate a California burrito and went to the beach, because really that is my dream come true right now. hahah ask my companion... all week I’ve just wanted Mexican food. Speaking of food I’m getting fat again and I don’t know why?  No joke someone asked me if I was pregnant in the calle the other day when we were contacting, and then another day someone asked my companion the same thing and she is so tiny! Sometimes its really fun when people give you more food than you want and its all carbs! Its all good :) sorry for that food rant.

SO Josue got baptized this week, which was really special! However, Estefania dropped us :( we just got a text from her Tuesday and all she said was that she doesn’t want to get baptized or have anything to do with the church. We were heart broken and really confused and tried asking everyone so find out the reason why. We always met her in the church and we had no idea where she even lived so we couldn’t even just pass by. Finally Saturday we passed by her aunts house and she gave us a ride and showed us where she lives (stalker style) hahaha We talked with Estefania and she told us that she was only going to church to support her cousin Clara (who is in the process of coming back) but I don’t believe it because it just didn’t make sense when she was talking. Then after the lesson were waiting for the bus and just talking, Then I asked, “How is your boyfriend?” (I thought she didn’t have one) and she gave me a weird look and said “good” What you have a boyfriend!? 
Turns out she has been with him only for a few DAYS!!!  So I’m just talking a guess that she is no longer interested because of her boyfriend...stupid boys. 

Matias blessed the sacrament wahoo! His sisters are really excited to get baptized and so am I :) one of them reminds me of Lilly so much. I can’t really think of what else happened this week. Sorry kind of short! Love you all! 

Hermana Allen
Happy 20th Birthday to Hermana Allen

Baptism de Josue

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