Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Hi, so I’m having a baby! I am literally freaking out.
Yesterday I received the call that I’m going to be training.

So yeah... I don’t know what presidente is thinking, but I still feel like a baby myself and that I don’t know anything, so we will see how this goes. My companion is leaving in about an hour and my hija doesn’t come until Wednesday, so a member is going to be my companion for 24hrs so that’s also funny. 

This week was really really good! I finally feel like my self again and we defiantly received some tender mercies and miracles!

Bruno and Diego were baptized! WAHOO! It was a beautiful baptism. I’m so happy for him.

Matias showed up late to church and missed the first hour so his baptism date fell through :( but that’s okay because he is still going to be baptized just on the 19th instead of the 12th! 

So I think the best part of my whole week was la Familia Cuezzo. We visited them again this week twice, Friday and Saturday. Before we went to there house I was studying talks from the last world wide missionary conference and it talked a lot about the doctrine of Christ and repentance. The whole time I was reading it the family came into my mind. So then I starting studying about faith and repentance and Alma 36 came to mind. SO we decided to share the conversion story of Alma with the family.
We arrive and it was the first time we met the husband of Susana and he is way interested, which was surprising to me because well my first impression of him wasn’t so great, but seriously he is awesome! Susana (the one who is struggling with anxiety/nerves) once again was bawling and kept saying she didn’t have faith and didn’t know what was wrong with her.
We shared Alma 36 and talked about the Atonement. And she said ¨This is exactly how I feel!¨ And her husband said ¨Maybe you should try what Alma did.” Seriously like the best moment in my life! hahah The Book of Mormon was real for them. And was also another testimony builder of how much God know his children and what they need.

Saturday we came back for another visit and for lunch! We then started to talk about faith, how can we have more faith ect... Alma 32. Susana once again was sharing her feelings and every time she does her mom (Gloria) just said you know what’s wrong.. just say it. You’re just nervous, ect...a little bit of shame.¨  We just sat there and listened the best we could. Then Susana said something that made my heart cry. She paused and said to me, I feel like you really understand were I’m coming from and everything out of your mouth is what I need to hear. Your companion says nice things, but I don’t feel the same way when she talks compared to you.¨

She said this because I was in her shoes not to long ago and even though her situation is worse than mine, I know how frustrating it is when you don’t feel like yourself and everyone around you tells you that you’re fine or to just suck it up.
God gives us experiences for a PURPOSE! Sometimes it’s to help other people. I really do feel like I’m here for Susana. I love her so much! I want her faith to grow so much.
This Sunday her whole family came! (Susana, her husband, 3 sons, her sister, and mom, Gloria). I’m cheering for them and I’m so happy that I’m for sure staying here for another 2 transfers, so that I can keep working with them! 

Thank you for all the kind words! LOVE YOU ALL! So grateful for all the support I have. Be brave little champions! 

Hermana Allen 

Baptism of Bruno and Diego

Sisters of the District

P-day with the District
Candid Lake el Carmen

Candid Lake in el Carmen

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