Monday, March 14, 2016

Bueno I’m officially a mom and I love it! Mi hijita is Hermana Herrera de Santiago Chile. She is muy bueno! I love her. We get along so great and I just have so much love for her. I thought that training would be like the most stressful thing in the world, but so far I’m enjoying it! Everyone is so right when they say new missionaries have such great animos! Its like so nice working hard, her excitement to improve, work hard, ah seriously I’m just so happy. Dad was so right. A good companion makes all the difference. 

SO story right before I met my baby. I had to travel solo and the terminal I had to take was in Jujuy and I’ve never been to the city before, but i was all like its chill ill just take the bus and ask someone where to get off for the terminal. So I get off the bus and was looking for the bus station that had my ticket and I couldn’t find it anywhere and I had 15min until my bus left! I kept asking people and kept getting different answers and then apparently there are 2 terminals in Jujuy and I was in the wrong one! So then I spent like a billion pesos for a taxi to the other terminal and missed my bus. had to wait to take another one and arrived in Salta at like 11:30pm but then I had to wait with the Sister Training Leaders de Salta for another sister. We were talking and then I asked if she knew where Hermana Smith got transferred to, and then she said ¨Hermana she is sleeping in the apt right now! ¨AHHH I was soo stoked! So yeah deffinatly was a tender mercy that Hermana Smith and I are training together! It was so fun! And wow we have improved so much! Talking in Spanish with her was like no big deal! Also her baby is really sweet and seems great! 
Also Hermana Aliaga is training too so I got to ask her all about Simoca :) 

SO Matias will not be baptized this Saturday because he wants to get baptized on his birthday. So that’s chill. But he is doing really great! Progressing and is talking about a mission, so that is really exciting! Not much happened this week. Just trying to pick things up a little bit and continue to work hard. Literally this is going by way too fast and I’m not liking that. I love the mission so much! I’m just so happy! 

Also congrats Adam, MVP... WADUP! And I’m a little hurt that none of you siblings wanted to include me in the March Madness Allen Tradition. ;) Have a great week! 

Hermana Allen

Hermana Herrera de Santiago Chile
Hermana Allen

Trainers with their "babies" aka brand new missionaries

Hermana Smith and Hermana Allen
MTC companions and New Trainers

"Coke, apples, and dulce de leche... que mas necesita?" -Hermana Allen

Time to say goodbye... Again!

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