Sunday, March 27, 2016


So this week was a wee bit stressful but like the normal mish stressful not to worry :) SO my hija and I get along really great. Her personality is really funny and she makes me laugh a lot! Fun companion hates spiders.  She has a talent of finding spiders no matter where we are. We will be in a middle of a lesson and she will turn to me and say “I feel the presence of a spider!” Then about two minutes later she will find one! Also she hates oranges and anything orange flavored, which is really unfortunate because in just about every household they offer you orange juice. 

SO we just got back from Salta because my companion had interviews with president. It was really fun because after President gave us a ride to the terminal and we were just talking about life and his family. It was funny because he said, ¨Oh I was talking with my sister (Laura Buriek) the other day and she says hi!” haha 

So the stressful part, everyone is giving us so much pressure because the familia Cuezzo doesn’t have a baptism date. Literally it’s kind of frustrating because everyone sees them at church happy and they just think everything is all good and sunshine but in reality the family has a lot of problems. Susana is really mal todavia (bad, ill still) and the abuela still has a lot of doubts. So Tuesday we went to talk with Susana with the bishop and she was just really sad and said that she doesn’t feel forgiven of her sins. So then when she came to Perico and talked with the Obispo (bishop).  After apparently he said that after she has confession she now needs baptism to feel completely better (which is true) but after she had a lot of anxiety. Thinking about changing religions gives her anxiety and yeah.... so then Saturday my companion and I made this plan to finally have a family home evening with everyone and FINALLY teach the first lesson and then invite them to baptism. My companion was so nervous because well... she is still learning, but the spirit was SO STRONG! After we invited them to be baptized and they all said no. Then we said that the date is just a goal and not a compromiso. The oldest son then said, ¨sure¨ and then the other son who is the most interested said “oh okay then me too”. Then Susana was all, ¨what!? You guys want to get baptized?¨ oh seriously I just have so much love for this family the lesson did not go as planned and I was just really sad. Sometimes free agency is really frustrating. I know that they all know that the church is true they are just afraid of there neighbors and what people will think of them and they have never prayed to know if what we are teaching then is true. Literally Gloria (the abuela) said, “I know the Catholic religion isn’t true and I like this and that and this and that of your church and I feel so good.”  Okay sorry for the rant haha :) 

Also kind of weird miracle! Last week my companion had the impression to talk to an old couple so we did and the SeƱora was really nice and said that Elders have come to her house years antes and then she gave us detailed direction on how to get to her house! So we visited her and it turns out that her son died in a car accident and she knows everything about the church and wants to get baptized! There are only two problems...she needs to get married and the church is on the same street where her son was killed, and she doesn’t want to go near it. She is so sweet (reminded me a lot of grandma Allen) and she had a LOT of good memories from the Elders. She said one of the Elders walked with her to church with a blindfold until she entered so she couldn’t see the street. I think we will have to try that :) 

Sorry this is so long! Love you guys! Have a great week! 

Hermana Allen

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