Monday, December 14, 2015

Hola familia! 
This week was so so happy and also so sad. Happy because RUBEN GOT BAPTIZD THIS SATURDAY! Sad.... because Hermana Nuñez is leaving me to be a sister training leader in Tucuman. She is going to be GREAT! But sad that we only had one transfer together.... currently waiting in Tucuman for my next companion. 

So I don’t have time to explain all the details of the novela of can ask me during Christmas. but long story short he moves out of his parent’s house, is currently living with Gladys, and understands the Law of chastity very well. hahah on Thursday I was on exchanges with Hermana Tate and it was the lesson where we were going to go over the baptism questions and I told Hermana Tate, we are going to explain the law of chastity very clearly because I don’t want him to get baptized if he is still having troubles with it. So yeah, also something really cool....I asked him to describe to me the first time he knew the church was true. He said before he met us he was living in darkness....a lot of family problems, problems with work, ect...but he said after he read and prayed about the book of Mormon he felt a light in his life. Ah this was music to my ears. He really is a prepared soul! Hermana Nuñez and I are just so happy for him and for his future. Literally he was just smiling all day Sunday after his confirmation.....hahah oh yeah and then we all walk into the Gospel Principles class and on the board it said ¨LA LAY DE CASTIDAD¨ hahaha Hermana Nunez, Ruben , and I all just look at each other and start laughing! it was great. 

So another miracle happened this week! We were contacting some references and we see a member from the rama on his moto and he says ¨hey I have someone for you to contact¨ music to a missionary’s ears. Anyways, we go to this lady’s house and she opens the door and says öh hi I don’t have like anytime right now but I have a question I want you guys to answer when I have more time¨ we were all okay great what is your question so we can come with an answer. She then asked ¨why are there multiple religions and only one God? ¨UM WE KNOW THAT ANSWER!” hahah we have an appointment with her tomorrow! hahah but seriously I wanted to ask ¨did you read preach my gospel?¨ After that experience my testimony has defiantly grown about the standard works and the questios of the soul are real. wow. 

Random Argentina facts:
-Saturday I was dripping with sweat allll was gross!
-Watermelon season is here! I'm very happy about it...canned peaches for dessert is great and all...but watermelon is a good change.
-I get really excited when I see a Christmas tree...because there are not very many...and Hermana Nunez calls me a "Christmas fanatic"....yeah Christmas...iss that really a thing here? hahaha 

Hope all is well in California! Love hearing from everyone! 
Be Brave little champions and share the gospel this Christmas season! 

Con amor 
Hermana Allen 

The Highlight of the Week.  Ruben Gets Baptised!

Sad to part her companionship with Hermana Nunez

Leonardo and his friends "fishing" for snakes

That face says it all... 

Primary Children of Simoca
Taken after their Primary Program

Ruben on his Baptism Day

So Happy for Ruben

 City of Tucuman- Emma waits
for her new companion to arrive.

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