Thursday, December 24, 2015

Buen Dia mi Familia! 

Wow this week was so so great! So my new companion is Hermana Aliaga from Santiago Chile, and she is so cute and we get a long great. She reminds me a lot of Hermana Aguilar, which just makes me happy. Some fun facts about my new companion just in case you wanted to know...She loves Coldplay, papas fritas, and she met David Archuleta when he was serving his yeah she is pretty cool. Oh yeah, also she loves the cello and freaked out when I told her I know how to play one.... hahaha I kind of forgot that was a thing I did until she started talking about how much she likes it. (Cough cough I hope someone is playing my cello while I'm gone). 

So like I know I say there were Milagros like every week, but guys THERE WERE MILGROS THIS WEEK. So Gladys is just like the best little missionary ever. She has some neighbors (Milly and Miguel) and we were talking with them and they were surprisingly very interested and after the lesson Milly said that we needed to talk with her mom. So the next day we found her mom, Olga, and she was so excited to talk to us. She said that she wanted to tell us an experience that she had, but was afraid that we would think she was crazy...hahah After I heard that I was even more excited to her story hahaha 

She told us how her son passed away a few years ago and long story short she had a dream/vision thing where she saw her son and he was an angel wearing all white and was in a place called in her own words ¨paradise¨. So yeah...we obviously taught her the plan of salvation and she was just agreeing with us the whole time we were talking. We left her Alma 40 to read about the spirit world because we didn’t have time to finish the lesson. We came back the next day and she read all of Alma 40 and read even more! She was so excited and gave us each a big huge and said I have been waiting to hear something like this! I feel like this book is a gift from my son. POWER of the book of Mormon right there. We finished the plan of salvation and also talked about the temple work for the dead and then she asked ¨So when can I be baptized?¨¨ hahaha Literally my heart is soo full with love and I'm really surprised with just how many people are prepared to accept the gospel, we just have to find them. Man my testimony just keeps growing here in Simoca. 

Also my last day with Hermana Nunez we put a date with a new investigator Mauricio. He is so great and comes to everything! We have only been teaching him for 2 weeks and he has told me that he wants to serve a mission. Basically our ward mission leader, Martin, is his best friend right now and like really Martin helps us so much. PS Martin is starting his mission paperwork! YAY.

I cannot describe how happy I am this Christmas. I feel so much more confident this transfer...I don’t know why, but I finally feel like myself and that I'm actually helping people. Truly this gospel is amazing.  

SO CHRISTMAS. Here in Argentina the tradition is every family have a big dinner at midnight Christmas eve and I believe its just lots of fireworks and people getting drunk so that’s fun. haha But we will be having Christmas with Rosa and we get to stay out until 11...that is my Christmas plan.

Also the Christmas conference with the missionaries and President was really fun yesterday! kind of sad it was only with Tucuman and Santiago and not with the whole mission but it was still so fun and also I met president Chaparro´s kids for the first time and the youngest is freaking hilarious. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and that you all think about how much Christ has helped you in your life. We are so blessed to have this gospel. SO BLESSED. 

Be brave little champions! 
Hermana Allen

Missionary  Bi-Zone Christmas Conference

Rama Branch Christmas Party

Ruben, Martin, Mauricio
 Rama Branch Christmas Party

Rama Branch Christmas Party

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