Monday, October 19, 2015

Earthquake... What earthquake?

Hola Familia! 
So yeah I did not feel the earthquake and nothing is affected over here! Hopefully Salta is okay! #hermanaSmith

Ah this week has definitely been a week of GROWTH. I have had more confidence to open my mouth, which has been great! However, the more I talk the more mistakes come out...which is really the only way I will ever learn...but also means a lot of pain too. I have really felt the enabling power of the Atonement as I depend on Him more and more and MORE hahah. This week we had intercambios and I was in Tucuman with Hermana Tate. Oh my goodness no me gusta la cuidad. Simoca es mas tranquillo and I like it that way. I learned so much from Hermana Tate, it was great. I was expressing to her my frustrations of a new missionary and sometimes it’s hard to know if my feelings are normal. She shared with me Ether 12:27....which is my favorite scripture, I have it memorized, but when she shared it with me something new came to mind that I never have thought before. Got to love the spirit. The very first sentence.... “those that come unto me I will show them their weakness”.... The mission is the time that I have come onto Christ MORE than ever in my entire life. Of course this is the perfect time to work on my weaknesses because I have all the resources, time, thoughts, and energy, to overcome them. I always thought this scripture meant, oh if you bring me your weaknesses I will help you. This is true, but also we have to accept the God will show us our weaknesses even when we are doing all the right things because he can trust us and knows that we are ready to progress. I think this is a lesson that everyone has been trying to tell me, but I haven’t realized it until now. Literally I feel like Heavenly father has to teach me the same things over and over again because it is so EASY for me to get discouraged and let the little things hurt. Okay sorry for the ramble haha. 

Also yesterday was Mother's day here in Argentina, or what I like to call Argentina Thanksgiving. I have never eaten so much in my entire life. Literally had like 3 almuerzos. Also so far, the best food in the mission. The house we went to for dinner had 20 people over and there was just piles, I mean PILES of carne. I was just smiling.... man got to love Salta. Steak, sausage, tamales, pasta, pork, chicken. Speaking of carne, attached is a photo of some pigs on the side of the road at the feria. Sorry Hannah.... maybe don’t look. haha

Today I am FINALLY going to play soccer! Kind of sad it has taken me this long to do it. Also when I was in Tucuman I saw two dead dogs in the road :( I was actually surprised it has taken me this long to see a dead dog. Literally in the morning it’s kind of hard to tell if the dogs are dead or sleeping. OH! So Thursday is planning day and after lunch we had studies so for lunch I though to myself ...All I need is my scriptures I don’t need my bag...big mistake! The ONE TIME I don’t bring my bag a HUGE dog come jumping at us and I was in the middle of the street and there was no rocks or anything! Scary life I live hahah. 

Also I've accepted the word Gringa and I’m just going to be that person that every time I open my mouth it is followed by what country are you from? Still working on the accent. LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH. 
Be brave little champions

Con Amor, 
Hermana Allen 

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