Monday, June 6, 2016

La Vida

Hola familia! 

Okay so I have time to write this week! So sorry for last week! 

Story number 1: I totes missed my bus stop from Perico to Oran. What was only a 3 hour transfer ended up being 8 hours and I was by myself...literally was kind of scary hahah but its all good! 

So the gun shot story. Last Sunday at 4am Hermana Herrera and I woke up to the sound of a gun shot. We both sat up in our beds really fast and just stared at each other, like did that really just happen? Then we heard a lot of men yelling and saying a lot of bad words and lots of motos and then a 3rd gun shot! We looked out the window about 5min after and there were about 5 cop cars and a SWAT team outside our neighbor’s house....hahah #missionlife. 

Sunday night we also had a really great lesson with Matias´s mom! She opened up to us and told us all about how her boyfriend wants an abortion and how she doesn’t. She prayed to God and knows that he is real! it was so sweet. She gave me one of her rings and was so sad that I was leaving. La familia Espinoza was a hard one to say goodbye. I’ll leave it at that. 

I’m now in Oran with Hermana Melo de Brasil. She is such a hard worker wow. I know I’m going to learn SO MUCH. This week was a bit hard. I feel a bit inadequate to be a Capacitadora (Sister Training Leader). I felt like I’ve been in my training all over again. Hermana Melo knows so much and I know so little hahah but I feel a lot better today! I live with two other Hermanas so that’s fun! We are in a branch, there are elders in our branch too....they are the leaders de zona.

Oran is huge, but in all of Oran there are 4 hermanas and 4 elders so our area is like normal sized. Its hard because Hermana Melo was saying the members here don’t have much confianza in the Hermanas and they have been trying to heal the relationship entre todos! There is for sure favoritism with the elders in our branch which has been, but its getting better. (the Hermanas in the past left the members with a negative experience). 

So you all asked what my duties are. hahah so Once a month we go to a conference with Presidente and he gives us and the zone leaders a capacitación, then we as leaders give the same capacitacion to the zone. But we are in charge of the Hermanas in 2 zones so we have to do it twice. And then we have to do divisiones with the Hermanas once per transfer. Oran is the mas difícil porque all the Hermanas are far, like 2 hours. SO most of our life is vejando  hahah .

This is one of the zones mas cerca de Boliva and the people here are the nicest by far. Its funny in my others areas siempre there are men shouting “eh chicas o hola chicas como le va?” but here everyone is “HERMANAS HOLA! HOLA HERMANAS!” jejej my first day I thought everyone here were members hahah but no they just know that we are missionaries and its so great. 

Thanks for the pictures of Nathan! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUD. Ask everyone. I’m pretty sure all day yesterday I was telling them that my little brother turned 8. Love you all! Have a great week!!! 

PS I’m going to do divisiones with Hermana smith this week!

and just got an email from Hermana Herrera saying that MAME DE MATIAS FUE A LA IGLESSIA! (Matis mom came to church yesterday)

Hermana Allen 
Saying goodbye to Perico, Juyjuy
La familia Espinoza

Saying goodbye to Perico, Juyjuy
La familia de Josue

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