Monday, June 13, 2016

Como anda che?
jajaja ....Dad muy Argentino!

Okay this week was a little frustrating not going to lie, but also really great. Frustrating because we had no time because we were in Salta for a whole day and had divisiones so our numbers were a bit low and also we had one in the iglesia  :( its been a bit discouraging but my companion says its normal because we travel a lot so I'm trying not to be too discouraged. Its just we haver found so many great people and the spirit has ben so strong, but nadie wants to come to church! I DON'T GET sometimes.... 

BUT this week was SO great because I got to see two of my companions! Hermana Nuñez when we had reunion con presidente and HERMANA SMITH WAS MY COMPANION FOR A DAY! Ah it was so nice and she is so awesome! I LOVE HER. it was so fun to be a real missionary with her and not a couple of gringas in the MTC pretending that we know Spanish. Literally I'm so blessed to know her and so many people here in the mission. Im secretly hoping we will be companions next transfer? puede ser.

So today we were cooking lunch...making lunch? haha and I was doing laundry on our balcony, there were 100 bees just chillin afuera and they entered our apartment. Lucky we had a huge bug spray thing that Hermana Chaparro gave us to kill mosquitos, but it works just as well with bees just so you know.  

I'm not even going to say anything about the Hawaii pics. 

Con Amor

Hermana Allen

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