Friday, July 10, 2015

"I don't know Spanish, but God 
knows Spanish"

Hola Familia!

The famous saying "make it to Sunday" is absolutely true! I am doing so well here in the Provo MTC. 

Okay. I have so much to tell you and I am going to be typing as fast as I please fogive me with all the grammar mistakes. Last Friday was my first lesson in Spanish and it went horribly! haha Hermana Smith and I basically spent hours writing and planning out a script and the lesson was super awkward and we could not understand a word our investigator was saying. We taught him again on Saturday and it went pretty much the same way.  Sunday I was super frustrated with myself and in my interview with my sister training leader, I asked her for some advice. She told me that the biggest lesson she learned was to teach by the spirit. It was kinda a slap in the face because I realized I was being so prideful and selfish. I was so concerned with how well my Spanish sounded that I didn't have any Faith that Christ would help me. Sunday night Hermana Smith and I decided to to not write our lesson word by word. This was super hard...especially for Hermana Smith because she had some similar concerns as me. We both wanted it to be the best lesson that it could be....I guess you can say it is just perfectionism in us. 

Monday was our first lesson teaching our first TRC with Marco. This was our first lesson without a "script" and it went SO WELL. THE SPIRIT WAS SO STRONG. Marco has polio and come from a Catholic background. He is probably one of the nicest people I have ever met. Word on the MTC street is that Marco is one of the real investigators! We just talked with him and I was speaking spanish (kinda) and he was already reading the Book of Mormon...his sister is LDS. Sunday I fasted that I would have more faith that He would help me feel comfortable not knowing the lanugage and that He would help me as long as I put my trust in Him. God is real. After that lesson Hermana Mella and Hermana Rumsey had a similar experience with their TRC investigator.  Hermana mella jumped on the bed and said "I DONT KNOW SPANISH, BUT GOD KNOWS SPANISH." I laughed a little bit when she did this, but it is SO TRUE! God knows His children more than I ever will and He has the power to touch the lives of those seeking truth. 

Another lesson Heavenly Father has taught me this week is that 1. I needed to trust Him more 2. I need to not focus on myself. Sunday night I had the opportunity to watch Elder Bednard's talk "Character of Christ." Literally the best talk I have ever heard. They say they only show it in the MTC but everyone should look it up and find it because he lays down the law. Totally changed my attidute about a mission and the MTC and basically life. He talked about how we just need to look outward and never inward, A mission is never about the missionary. It's about the investigator. The rest of the week I started to make a goal that whenever I said the word "I", I would say a little prayer that I would rememebr that this experience isnt about me, but It's about how Heavenly Father is going to shape me to become the best missionary that I can to help His children. 

By the way....HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY! 
Thank you for all the Dear Elder letters, packages, and love. Everyone in my district makes fun of me because of the mail I get...but they are really just jealous ;) On the 4th we had a special devotional followed by watching the Stadium of Fire fireworks. I was way fun! We even got to "stay up" past 10:30

Spanish Update:
So I can pray and  bare my testimony in Spanish. Every class is entirely in Spanish. I dont think I've heard my teacher speak in English once. Each day I'm understanding more and more and it truly is amazing how real the gift of tongues is! There is no way I would be able to speak the way that I do at the pace that I am if it wasnt for the spirit and faith in Christ. I still can't believe that I will one day be able to speak spanish! 

I love the pictures of our new kitty! I CANT WAIT TO HOLD HER. I love you all so much! 

Hermana Allen 

Tres Hermanas
The must have "Map Photo"

The District

Her "This is Hard" look

(that is actually her journal
she is looking at. Ha! )

MTC Companion

Provo Temple Outing
Hermana Allen with Her Cousin
(The taller Elder)
headed to Guam

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