Friday, August 7, 2015

We're BREAKING FREE. Soaring! Flying!


Only a few more days until I leave for the real world. As Zac Efron would say, "We're breaking free." I'm so excited for the new adventures to come in Mesa, Arizona. On Tuesday when I found out that my visa wasn't ready, the travel office called me in so that I can get my fingerprints done again. I got into a cop car and drove to BYU and was sitting in the JKB for like a whole hour. IT WAS SO WEIRD. I kept hoping someone I know would walk in. 

Tuesday Russell M. Nelson came to speak to us! An Apostle for my last devotional, not bad at all! It was his first time speaking since being called as President of the twelve. When he walked in and all the missionaries stood up, I could feel the spirit rushing through my body. It was such a great experience. He is so nice and sweet and adorable. I just loved it. He talked about how we need to have the Gospel engraved into our hearts and how, if anything, we need to come home converted to the gospel. He also talked about repentance and how God is always there with open arms to help us and forgive us. "As oft as they will repent, I will forgive." I love the beauty of repentance. I can't believe I have learned so much about the basic doctrine of Christ since  being here.

 President Nelson also talked about how being a missionary is not being a salesperson. Its inviting others to become more like Christ. That has been the theme of my week. On Sunday, we had the opportunity to watch Bednar's mtc devotional from a few years back called "Becoming a missionary." It was so amazing. Between that talk and Character of Bednar is amazing. Also the letter I received from Dad talked a lot about becoming the person that God wants me to become. I'm so excited to serve in Arizona! I know God is going to shape me and help be become a great missionary from this experience. 

Sunday for testimony meeting, I bore my testimony en espanol! It was such a cool experience. I really love spanish so much. I still have a lot to learn, but it really is such a beautiful language. The gift of tongues is so real. I feel like I can only really speak during lessons when the spirit is there. Dios sabe espanol. 

This morning we went to the templo as a districto. It was such a cool experience. I love the temple more and more each time I go. We also went and ate breakfast after our session in the basement. It was SO GOOD. I forgot what real food tastes like. 
I'm going to miss the MTC so much. I have grown so much here and have really felt the love of God everyday. My district has been family to me, and I am so grateful I have been blessed with such an amazing companion. I'm going to miss the MTC, but I'm so excited for what awaits me ahead. I have been asked like 50 times this week. "What is one thing you have learned in the MTC that you will take with you on your mission?" 
I think the most valuable thing I have learned, is how to love others in a way I have never loved before, and to rely on my Savior more than I ever have before. When I focus on these two things I experience the greatest amount of happiness. This mission would be IMPOSSIBLE if it wasn't for him. Learning a language, planning lessons, teaching those who have more experience, relying on faith, stepping into the unknown, asking for help in every moment...I just love it. Basically I have learned that I have been living my life so wrong. I thought I knew what it meant to pray. I thought I knew what it meant to serve. I thought I knew what it meant to feel the spirit. There is so much more power as a missionary it's incredible. 

So I thought that I would never see Marco again, BUT Hermana Smith and I were sitting outside doing companion study when we see Marco on his way out walking to his car! We had a discussion with him about his REAL life (not his fake investigator life) I love it. He gave us beautiful advice about the mission field about putting our trust in the Lord and not comparing. He then told us this beautiful story about when he was reading in the Book of Mormon yesterday and received personal revelation about how he needs to be a better husband to his wife. I think he was being to hard on himself but it was so nice to listen to him and talk about his real life needs. 

SO basically I need to leave the MTC because everything is funny. I mean everything. Its a problem. 
Thank you all for the letters, packages, dear elders, and love! It really makes me so happy to hear about anything. 
I am so happy to be a missionary and to have this gospel! This has been the fastest 6 weeks of my life. 
Next stop Arizona, then Argentina bound. 
Hermana Allen

Love wearing our Argentina t-shirts on P-days

Enjoying some amazing sugar cookies!

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