Monday, August 24, 2015

Tengo Gozo En Mi Alma Hoy 
-I Have Joy In My Soul Today

This week has been so much better! I finally feel like the transition is kicking in and missionary work is just so awesome! This week hasn't been too "successful", but I have just been so happy. As a zone we are focusing on little miracles that happen in our everyday lives.
Last Monday night I expereinced a tender miracle. We were trying to contact this one potiental, but she wasn't home so we were walking down the street and ran into Mario. Turns out he is living with another potiential of ours (Dora), but she has been in Mexico these past few weeks. We started talking with him and I could understand bits and pieces of what he was saying, but not all of it. Hermana Aguilar just started talking about the Plan of I went with it...and the spirit was REALLY strong and I looked up and Mario was crying.
After we set up another appointment with him and left, I asked Hermana what exctally happened. Aparently his parents just recently died in Mexico, but he couln't go back to Mexico to see the funeral. This has been really hard for him becuase he still feels like his parents are alive. Of course we continued to tell him that his parents are alive and that he can live with them again. Hermana Aguliar said when she was talking she could feel his parents with her and she knew that it was the spirit speaking through her. Unfortunatley Mario wasn't home when we tried for our appointment. I'm really hoping this week we can meet with him agian and tell him more!
On Thursday I went on exchanges with Hermana Guevara and it was so fun! It was a day of miracles. It was a day full of appointment after appointment and everyone was home and no one canceled! It was so much fun to teach like that and I learned so much from Hermana Guevara.
Saturday we had the opportunity to volunteer and the opening of the light rail. It was so much fun! We just handed out water bottles to everyone walking by. I saw Dad's cousin and even talked with this guy named David Smith..? He saw my last name and immediatley told me this story about he lived next door nieghbors with our relative who lives down the street from the visitor center...oh I forgot who....I need to do better with our Family History. Anyway, aparently he fell and cracked his head open when he was younger and one of our realtives saved his life. Story ring a bell? I don't really know....but I thought it was a cool story hahaha.
On Sunday JULIO CAME TO CHURCH. This is a miracle because we contacted Julio on my first or second day in the field. However, he kept making excuses of not seeing us, or would reset appointments. (we have never taught him a lesson) Saturday we went over to invite him to a ward activity and he said no, but then said that he would come to church. I didn't really believe him, but he came! Again, I'm not sure if he will progress but it is so amazing how God just puts little miracles in your life every day.
There have been so many times when memebers will just randomly see us, invite us in to cool down for a sec, give us water, or help us in anyway. It's so fun to see members in a differnt light. I am getting a whole new perspective on members and missionary is seriously so cool.
All the time I think of what I've done or what I've been able to learn in these past few months. Although its hard, there are so many things I don't think I would have learned ANY OTHER WAY. Missions are such a blessing. Ah!
I love you all so much!

Hermana Aguilar and Hermana Allen 
Downtown Mesa

Randomly met Dad's cousin Kyle Jones and wife.
(He is currently serving as a Stake President in Mesa)

Missionaries in Mesa

"My favourite animal is puppies. I like serving the Lord. Hiking, play volleyball." -Nacho Libre

Mission Life

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